Often in industry, we see the need for a variable frequency drive. Sometimes this is a stressful selection process since we want a VFD that fits our specs, but we don’t want to overspend. Some features are non-negotiable but do we need all the extras? One option may offer features but pricing proves prohibitively expensive, and overboard with added features. A second option appears like an appropriate fit with fair pricing, but the vendor advises a six week lead time for delivery. And, finally, there is one which is in-stock and meets our budget but falls well short of our needed features and performance needs. With the new VFDs now offered from AutomationDirect, you’ll find that needed balance for performance, features, availability and affordability.

AutomationDirect is proud to announce the launch of the GS20 and GS20X VFDs. These VFDs are loaded with features like PID, built-in PLC, sensorless vector control, field oriented control and torque control mode, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price. If you are an existing GS2 user, the new GS20 has a GS2 mode to make migration from the GS2 to the GS20 very easy.

Included in this launch is the GS20X that offers most of the same features of the GS20 in a rugged, NEMA 4X, wash down rated enclosure.

The GS20 comes in horsepower sizes from ¼ to 30 hp and the GS20X is available in horsepower sizes up to 10 hp.

Check out the articles and videos below to learn more about the GS20X and what it can do for you!

GS20 and GS20x Overview

AutomationDirect has recently introduced the NEW GS20 sensorless vector, general-purpose VFD. The GS20 was introduced to not only replace the GS2 series VFD but to also fill the gap between the lower cost GS1 VFD and the GS3 that is on the higher end of features for a general-purpose VFD. Read More –>

GS20(X) Variable Frequency Drive Overview

The GS20(X) Family of variable frequency drives are an amazing value because they offer a huge feature set at a low price. Read More –>

GS20(X) Variable Frequency Drive NEMA-4X Overview

In addition to being a tremendous value, the GS20(X) family of drives is also available in a NEMA-4X enclosure! Read More –>

GS20(X) Variable Frequency Drive Tutorial Quick Start

Learn how to get your GS20(X) drive up and running quickly with this brief variable frequency drive tutorial. Read More –>