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GS20 and GS20X Drives Overview

AutomationDirect has recently introduced the NEW GS20 sensorless vector, general-purpose VFD. The GS20 was introduced to not only replace the GS2 series VFD but to also fill the gap between the lower cost GS1 VFD and the GS3 that is on the higher end of features for a general-purpose VFD.

As the features of the GS20 are outlined you will notice that there is an overlap between the GS20 and GS3 VFDs. The GS20 builds on what the popular GS2 featured and adds to it. The GS20 supports volts/Hz control (scalar) as well as sensorless vector control (SVC) and adds field oriented control (FOC).

Field oriented control is new to any VFD that AutomationDirect offers and allows the VFD to provide constant torque output at even slower speeds than sensorless vector. It is also able to do this without the need of encoder feedback. Another control mode added, which is also new to any AutomationDIrect VFD is torque control mode. This mode allows you to control the torque output of the VFD as opposed to the speed.

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In addition to the higher-end features, you normally wouldn’t expect from a VFD in this price range, we offer all the features you’ve come to expect. The GS20 supports a 120VAC single-phase input, 230VAC 3-phase output from ¼ to 1 hp, 230VAC single-phase input, 230VAC 3-phase output from ¼ hp to 3 hp. Also a wide range of 3-phase sizes that include ¼ to 20 hp for 230VAC,  ½ to 30 hp for 460VAC and 1 to 10 hp for 575VAC.

In this series features such as PID and dynamic braking are included;  the GS20 also has a soft PLC which can be programmed using GSLogic, the same software used to program the GS4 soft PLC. VFD parameters can be uploaded and downloaded using GSOFT2.

Communications options received a big upgrade with the GS20 as well. Serial Modbus RTU communications come standard, of course, but we also added an optional Ethernet card that allows the VFD to communicate over Modbus TCP or Ethernet/IP. All of this with a generous amount of digital and analog I/O and multi-motor control. One last and certainly valuable feature of the GS20 is the GS2 mode which allows migration from a GS2 over to a GS20.

The GS20X is wash down rated.

With this product launch, AutomationDirect has added another family member to the GS20 series, the GS20X. The GS20X includes most of the features available on the GS20 but in a NEMA 4X, wash down rated enclosure. This is a feature-rich general-purpose VFD that is wash-down rated, offers nearly all of the same features as the GS20, minus the GS2 mode. The GS20X VFD is available in horsepower sizes up to 10 hp. If you need a wash down rated VFD then the GS20X is the answer.

We have new videos featuring the GS20 along with many related topics; feel free to peruse the Library site to become familiar with this new VFD offered by AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has been selling PLCs and other industrial automation products, including variable frequency drives since 1994. We offer FREE, fast shipping, FREE technical support on all products we sell, and a 30-day return policy on most products. You can TRUST AutomationDirect to be a reliable supplier for your variable frequency drive needs.