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Local High Schools Take Home Gold at Georgia Robotics Competition

Congratulations to South Forsyth and Forsyth Central High Schools on their huge win at the Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase (aka “GRITS”) this past weekend.


This was the last opportunity to play last season’s STEAMWORKS game against all the top teams in Georgia. Last year’s seniors have moved on so it was up to the new teams to carry on the proud tradition of robotics excellence in Forsyth County and they didn’t disappoint by bringing home both first and second place at the tournament.

The Forsyth Alliance

AutomationDirect sponsors the “Forsyth Alliance” – an umbrella organization that provides funding, materials, services, supplies and mentors to over 125 robotics teams in Forsyth County, GA.  The Forsyth Alliance started 12 years ago with a single team. Over the following decade the program has grown to one of the largest of its kind in the world.

And the young man that started the first Forsyth Alliance team?  He is now an AutomationDirect employee. So AutomationDirect’s philanthropy has actually come full circle!  Many former students have come back to work in our local community and teach STEM curriculum in Forsyth County where he is raising the next generation of engineering professionals.

The Forsyth Alliance even produced the top robotic team in the world at one World competition last year. What an incredible feat!

We wish all the robotic teams the best as they ramp up for a new robotics season and can’t wait to share in their success!