History of KCC Software

KCC Software, located in Huntsville, Alabama, was founded in 1994 and quickly developed an impressive client list including IBM, Bosch, HP, Bose, Johnson Controls, BASF, and Nucor Steel just to name a few. While primarily working with the semiconductor and steel industries, KCC Software has satisfied clients in several industries, including automotive, general manufacturing, electronics, textile, and poultry. We specialize in machine/process controls, management/ monitoring systems, and custom integration of data from multiple sources and systems. We can provide a seamless and useful supply of information by tying factory floor to corporate databases and MRP systems, and can use enterprise data to help make factory floor decisions.

KCC Software’s programming and software system expertise attracts a broad range of clients from other system integrators to end users who often have mechanical and electrical capabilities in-house.

System design is 60% PC-based programming and 40% PLC-based programming and integration. Many of the solutions provided are a combination of PLC-based controls and PC-based monitoring, database writing/ reading/reporting and even browser-based access to information. As an example, MillAlert™ is a KCC Software product designed for the recycled steel industry. MillAlert offers PLC interfaces to radiation monitoring equipment, PC-based archiving, trending, TXT alerting, and reporting with Web-based system status access.

When Maples Industries, one of the nation’s largest bath set and area rug producers, needed an expanded capability to meet changing market demands, they turned to KCC Software. KCC created a desktop design program which allowed Maples’ designers to create intricate patterns at a detail level four times greater than they had before. KCC Software also designed new PLC controls for their dye application process which sprayed multiple dyes to exacting specifications in order to match their existing patterns. The system monitors yarn tension and speed and dynamically adjusts spray timing to make sure each color is applied exactly to match the pattern.

In addition to project development, KCC Software has also partnered with several companies in the development of their products. MillAlert is a joint venture with Chase Environmental Group. KCC Software worked with BOC Gases to develop more than 20 products. Inergi also partnered with KCC Software to develop the controls for a new line of wood-burning furnaces for poultry farms.

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By Scott Martin,
KCC Software

Originally Posted: Sept 1, 2010