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We Wish You A Very Merry Christmas 2021

Not everything is in short supply…

When things started to look up earlier this year for the world’s health, most of us were just not prepared for the complexities the “rebound” would impose on so many aspects of daily life and work – supply chain shortages, transportation bottlenecks, rising prices – and all that and more has made 2021 (another) challenging year.

But while many things are in short supply, there continue to be plenty of stories about “regular” folks going above and beyond to help another person, an organization, a town. And a lot of that is coming from our kids. Maybe you saw these stories? “Nebraska teen runner helps competitor finish race after collapse, giving up his own qualifying hopes.” “Minnesota teen builds free wheelchairs for disabled dogs and cats.” “10-year old inspires the world to donate half a million books for kids.” No matter the circumstances, there are always people and organizations trying to make a difference in their corner of the world. Is there something you can do this month for your world?

We know you have many choices for industrial products, so we truly appreciate your confidence and trust in the customer service we strive to provide every day. Thank You for being a loyal customer and we wish you a peaceful holiday season!