New Generation HMI Now Available

AutomationDirect has released its totally new and radically improved operator touch panel line, C-more, manufactured by parent company Koyo Electronics, part of the multi-billion dollar Seiko group.

C-more touch panels are programmed using C-more programming software and provide power and flexibility through a vast set of features. The panel displays are available in either grayscale (15 shades of gray) or full color (256 to 65,536 colors, depending on model). STN grayscale and color displays are available in a 6-inch touch screen. Color TFT touch screens are available in 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15-inch versions.

Hardware features include an analog touch screen that eliminates defined touch cell boundaries so objects can be placed, scaled and overlapped without limitation. Reliable 50,000 hour backlights for the touch screens are user replaceable on all but the 6-inch models. C-more 6, 8 and 10-inch units are equipped with 10MB project memory; 12 and 15-inch units contain 40MB of project space. A host of communication options are available, including serial RS232, RS422/485 and Ethernet 10/100BaseT ports. C-more has 2 USB ports, one type A, and one type B. The type B port uses a standard USB cable and connects the panel to a PC for fast and easy project transfers. The type A port accepts devices such as a USB flash drive. Optional CompactFlash cards up to 1GB or USB memory devices can be installed in most models to accommodate alarm, event and message logging. An audio output port, when attached to an amplifier and speaker(s), can play warning sounds or pre-recorded messages. All touch panels are 24 VDC powered; an optional attachable AC power adapter will be available in the future to power the panels from a 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz voltage source.

C-more is programmed with easy-to-use Windows-based configuration software that provides a powerful set of tools for developing projects. Touch panel to PC communications is established via the USB or high-speed Ethernet port. The configuration software includes 4,000 built-in symbols and 14 typefaces with hundreds of font sizes. Advanced graphic features include animation of bitmaps, overlapping objects and custom object creation. High-level communication capabilities include a built-in FTP server, FTP client, email client and Web server. Alarm and message logging can be configured to store data to an installed Flash or USB device and can be collected manually by simply removing the device from theC-more panel. Alarm and message log files can be emailed automatically from the panel and accessed via FTP as well. An Event Manager goes beyond simple alarm and message functions and allows C-more to take action based on events such as assigned state changes, schedules, PLC tag names or other events configured in a database. The event can also trigger a sound byte, initiate a screen capture, or perform other pre-defined communication actions. With the Web server feature, any networked PC with a browser can request screen captures and retrieve log files from C-more panels on the network.

A standout feature of the C-more programming software is the project simulator, which allows the developer to view a C-more project on the PC screen exactly as it would appear on the touch panel. Without being connected to a C-more panel, all functions of the screens can be tested, including touch objects, entering data values and testing the functionality of display objects by changing data tag content. The simulator can save hours of programming and debugging time before ever downloading the project to the panel.

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Originally Published: March 1, 2006