Newsletter: Volume 17 – Issue 1

In this issue of’s newsletter you will find some exiting news about how we made it easier to access our educational videos. Also, read about the top 10 trends in industrial automation, how mobile phones are becoming a powerful tool in our industry, and learn about some of the benefits of tagname based controllers. All that and more is in this issue of our AutomationDirect newsletter.

Our Videos Have Come Home

You trust AutomationDirect for great products, and easy-to-understand product information. You also enjoy watching educational videos. Now, you can find them all in one place! We’ve integrated some extremely helpful videos into the AutomationDirect Web site. To see the videos, simply go to and click the FREE Video Tutorials button in the Learn More section.  Watch video tutorials >>


Top 10 Industrial Automation Trends

In 2014 there were many new trends in industrial automation. These new trends will have an impact on the future of the industry. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 trends that everyone involved with industrial automation should be aware of for 2015 and beyond.
2015 Top Trends>>


New Mobile “Power” Tools

When Alexander Graham Bell envisioned the first Telephone, do you think he pictured our modern cell phone? Do you think he considered the possibility that his invention could ever be mobile or even considered to be smart? Today’s technology has done more than improve how we live. It can now improve the way we work. Check out these examples of how smartphone technology improves the industrial automation field.  Read about smartphones and automation >>


New! The Protos X “Xpansion” I/O System 
 Distributed I/O saves space, wiring and money!

Upgrade to DirectSOFT6
Program faster and easier! Upgrade now for just $179

 More WERMA Visual and Audible Signal Devices
Pre-assembled stacklight prices start at $135

5 Ways to Get PLC Training and More

Every year people make resolutions. Why not resolve to have the most powerful year of your career with PLCs and Industrial Automation? Check out our list of five of the best tools we offer to increase your PLC and Industrial Automation Knowledge! These resources are sure to get you equipped for a successful 2015.   Click here to learn more>> 

The Power of Tagname-Based PLCs 

Tag-based PLC controllers have been around for quite a while. Their versatility provides a reduced amount of stress on programmers because dynamic memory allocation does not have the limits a fixed memory controller has. Plus, program documentation is easier; tagnames themselves can be used to document the code.
 Read the entire article >>

Lighter Side – Is the PLC Force Strong With You?    

We’ve created a fun quiz for you to test your knowledge of PLCs. You don’t have to be part of the Empire. You don’t even have to be part of the Rebel Alliance. Have some fun. Take the quiz faster than Han makes the Kessel Run. 
Test your PLC force>>

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