Newsletter Volume 24 Issue 7

What is a VFD?
A variable frequency drive (VFD) is an electronic device used to vary the frequency of an AC voltage to adjust the speed of an AC motor. VFDs also provide start and stop control, acceleration and deceleration, and overload protection. Many VFDs are networkable, allowing them to integrate into and provide feedback to a process control system.
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Micro VFDs Provide Big Features
Trickle-down technology has resulted in modern micro VFDs with capabilities formerly available only on top-tier models.
This article points out the many advanced features now available even on micro VFDs, which help users in a variety of applications.
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Low-Cost Motion Control Offered with CLICK PLUS PLCs
CLICK PLUS CPUs start at $93 with FREE software

Contrinex Photoelectric Sensors with IO-Link Compatibility
Starting at $21.00

Captron Caneo Series Capacitive Pushbuttons
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Fandis Filter Fans
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Ironhorse Jet Pump and Premium Stainless Steel Motors
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DURApulse GS10 Micro AC Drives
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NEMA 4X VFDs Simplify Installations and Cut Costs
Traditional VFDs need to be installed in a clean and dry environment, and require long cable runs from this location to where the motor is located. Long motor leads can necessitate expensive shielded VFD cable and line reactors. The AutomationDirect NEMA 4X VFD solves these issues as it is self-contained, compact, and washdown-rated.
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Cloud-Capable PLCs Enable More IIoT Applications
PLCs can now be directly integrated with cloud-based computing platforms, empowering end users and OEMs to quickly and easily add IIoT functionality to their systems. This article explains how the newest BRX PLCs can securely connect directly to the leading cloud platforms from AWS, Microsoft, and others.
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CLICK PLUS Micro-PLCs Elevate Equipment Operation
There is often a great need to automate and access field data, even for small machines and equipment. In the past, this might have required expensive and complex automation devices and software. But today, modern micro-PLCs like the AutomationDirect CLICK PLUS provide affordable industrial-grade control, along with extensive IIoT connectivity.
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