Newsletter Volume 24 Issue 9

IO-Link is the Smart Choice for I/O Connectivity
A concept called the ?last mile problem? refers to the difficulty of completing the last link in a process, such as running internet cables to a user?s home. For industrial automation systems, one aspect of the last mile problem is connecting all the wiring from I/O modules to instruments, sensors, and field devices.
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Safe Automation Design through a Layered Approach
Responsible industrial automation safety design requires a combination of the right products, design practices, and operational training. Even if personnel are not directly involved with safety design, they will benefit by having a good understanding of the concepts involved.
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Designing Control Panels for Processing Plants
Processing plants typically incorporate extensive automation. The control panels are usually built in a dedicated shop, regardless of whether they end up installed on OEM equipment, or by a contractor or the end user for a ?stick built? installation. While electrical, instrumentation, and controls (EIC) design requires specialized knowledge, end users of all types will benefit from understanding process control panel design concepts.
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Student Spotlight: OSU Students Save Dying Fish
A team of engineering students from Oklahoma State emailed Automation Direct last year with a disturbing problem: Fish were dying! These engineering students had been contacted, in turn, by students in the nearby Culinary Arts program who run an aquaponics farm.
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Micro VFDs Provide Big Features
Electric motor speed control is essential for all types of industrial applications, such as with pumps, fans, machinery, and much more. A long time ago, DC motors/drives were the only way to accomplish this. Eventually, the first AC VFDs became available, but only once flux-vector technology was introduced on top models was 100% of the motors torque available across the speed range. Today, flux-vector is available even on the smallest VFDs. This article points out the many advanced features now available even on micro VFDs, which help users in a variety of applications.
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