Newsletter Volume 25 Issue 3

Light-Operate or Dark-Operate Photoelectric Sensors. Which is Better for your Application?
When choosing a photoelectric sensor for an application there are many things to consider. One of these considerations is whether to select a light-operate or dark-operate photoelectric sensor. The terms ?light-operate? and ?dark-operate? refer to when the sensor activates its output.
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Making a Clean Connection with Automated Carwashes
A carwash system is like a small factory in some ways, with automated PLC and HMI control of the equipment, along with significant smart motor controls and VFDs, and it adds a credit card pay station and license plate recognition. Each of these systems need to interact well with each other for best energy and resource efficiency, and operators must be notified of depleted chemicals, brushes needing replacement, or other issues.
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Murrelektronik 10Gbps Cat6a Ethernet Cables
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Socomec Modular Midget & CC Fuse Holders
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RHINO PSS series switching power supply
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ProSense Harsh Duty Vibration Transmitters
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More Stratus TA Series Air Conditioners
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Schmersal Compact Limit Switches
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Consider Newer Electrical Safety Products and Technologies
Designers can improve personnel safety by incorporating modern products and technologies, and by following a ?design for safety? approach. This article identifies how some newer products, sometimes in combination with automation, can increase the effectiveness of safety-related controls.
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Dark & Shiny Object Detection Photoelectric Sensors Can Save the Day
It happens more often than we?d like in the material handling industry. During an accumulation conveyor start-up, the photoelectric sensors cannot detect the totes that the conveyor transports. Even worse is when a conveyor system that has worked fine for a long time is suddenly unable to detect new totes introduced into the system.
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Need help with choosing an object detection sensor?
Do you know where to find the specific photosensor or proximity sensor you?re looking for? Not sure which one you even need? Hoping that you?ll find one with all the bells and whistles?  Let us help! Check out our new selection assistance tool. Just answer a few questions, and we?ll help you find the right object detection sensor for your needs.
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