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Product Snapshots – Issue 24, 2012

We have added several exciting products since our last edition of the Automation Notebook. Here are some highlights about some of those new products including: Ironhorse Stainless Steel General Purpose AC Motors, More Ultrasonic Sensor Choices, Safety Speed Monitor Relays, Solve Noisy Signal Issues With High-Speed Optical Isolators, Industrial Safety Gloves, Dual Rod Guided Pneumatic Air Cylinders, Prosense Line Now Includes Room Temperature Sensors And Type T Thermocouples, and Industrial-Use Data Cables .

Ironhorse Stainless Steel General Purpose AC Motors


The IronHorse™ general purpose AC motor line now includes stainless steel three-phase motors available in horsepower ranges from 0.33 to 2 hp. Motors are available in speeds of 1800 and 3600 RPM and are electrically reversible. The three-phase industrial duty 56C-frame TEFC motors, priced from $275, feature 304 stainless steel frames and stainless steel shafts. IP56-rated, they are equipped with a large easy-towire junction box with fluorinated silicone rubber gasket and stainless steel cable gland. These NEMA design B motors are available with or without mounting feet and can be mounted in any orientation, horizontal or vertical, as long as the drain plugs are installed in the two lower locations. The stainless steel series is CSA-certified, and is designed for washdown applications as well as being ideal for applications such as conveyors, fans, gear reducers, and pumps.

View the IronHorse stainless steel motors at:

More Ultrasonic Sensor Choices


Our line of ultrasonic proximity sensors now includes additional 18mm round plastic DC models. The UK1 series are IP67 rated sensors with a 15 to 30VDC operating range and are fitted with an M12 quick-disconnect. The UK1 series offers six different output types: single PNP, dual PNP, 4-20 mA only, 0-10V only, PNP and 0-10V, and PNP and 4-20 mA. Models are available in four different sensing ranges: 50- 400mm, 100-900mm, 150-1,600mm, and 200-2,200mm.

The sensors are equipped with LED status indicators and a pushbutton teach feature for configuration of normally-open and normally-closed states for DC output models and for adjustable sensitivity on analog output models.

Learn more about ultrasonic sensors at: ultrasonic-sensors.


Safety Speed Monitor Relays


AutomationDirect has added Dold safety speed relay modules to its line of safety products.

The BH5932 speed monitor relay module is designed to monitor two sensor inputs that are detecting rotating targets on a motor shaft. This monitor relay features two-channel operation and can be used for standstill and overspeed monitoring of three-phase motors. When used as a standstill monitor, a switch point is set just above the “safe” or normal operating speed. When motor speed rises above this setting, the relay opens to protect against motor damage. The BH5932 relay module has an adjustable impulseper- minute (IPM) range of 10 to 20,000 IPM, LED status indicators, two PNP sensor inputs, and two normally-open and one normally-closed positiveguided contacts. Available for 24VDC, 120VAC, and 230VAC supply voltages.

The LH5946 standstill monitor relay module provides safe standstill detection on single-phase and threephase motors (up to 690V) by monitoring remanence voltage without external sensors. The monitor relay modules are designed with broken wire detection and provide three normally-open and one normally-closed positive-guided safety contacts. Available in adjustable 20 to 400mV and 0.2 to 4V voltage response ranges, standstill monitor relay modules are equipped with LED status indicators and adjustable time delay; semiconductor outputs monitor relay state. Available for 24VDC, 120VAC, and 230VAC supply voltages.

For more information, visit:

Solve Noisy Signal Issues With High-Speed Optical Isolators


Ideal for use with single-ended or differential line driver encoder signals, the modules feature three complementary inputs rated for 4.5-7.5 and 12-26 VDC and frequency response up to 1 MHz.AutomationDirect now offers high-speed optical isolators providing the versatility to solve various interface problems between an incremental encoder signal and a PLC, servo drive, or other input devices.

The FC-ISO-C high-speed optical isolator module is designed with three complementary open collector outputs rated for 5-36 VDC that can be used in single-ended configurations. Optical isolation rated at 1800V separates the input signals from the outputs. This module can convert a differential line driver encoder signal to an open collector single-ended signal, or change encoder signal voltage to match receiving electronics input.

The FC-ISO-D high-speed optical isolator module is ideal for use with encoders and servo drive encoder signal inputs and outputs. The module features three differential line driver outputs rated for 5VDC, with 1800V optical isolation. The FC-ISO-D module converts single-ended encoder signals to differential line driver signals, or differential line driver encoder signals to single-ended signals. The module can also change encoder signal voltage to match receiving electronics input.

Both modules are designed with a slim-line plastic housing which includes an integral 35mm DIN rail mounting adapter, LED indication, and removable screw terminal blocks for easy installation and wiring.

For more information, visit:

Industrial Safety Gloves


AutomationDirect’s lineup of wearable safety gear now includes safety gloves and sleeves. Styles available offer high levels of cut, puncture and impact resistance and are available in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-extra large, depending on glove type.

Among styles offered, general purpose gloves feature nylon yarn construction with polyurethane coating for superb grip and excellent dexterity. Anti-static work gloves are ambidextrous and protect both your hands and product from electrostatic build-up while providing maximum dexterity.

Additional glove types available include cut-resistant styles made of steel core cut-resistant knit; certain styles feature reinforced thumb webbing stitching. Driver’s glove-style electric arc-resistant gloves feature full grain goatskin leather and steel core cut-resistant lining.

Mechanic-style work gloves are form-fitting for excellent dexterity, and are fitted with cow grain leather palms and woven nylon backs. Excellent general-purpose gloves, they also feature adjustable Velcro wrist closure for proper fit.

Available puncture-resistant styles feature full palm and inside finger protection as well as impact-resistant knuckle padding.

More details regarding the full line of industrial gloves can be found at:

Cut-resistant protective sleeves are available in single and dual-layer styles. The ambidextrous design features a tube knit with integrated knit wrist and thumbhole. More information is available at:

Dual Rod Guided Pneumatic Air Cylinders


The NITRA™ pneumatic product line now includes E-Series dual rod guided air cylinders ideal for applications that require precise alignment or have large side loads.

NITRA E-series dual rod guided pneumatic air cylinders are interchangeable with other popular brands of cylinders. The double-acting cylinders are constructed with high quality extruded aluminum housing and switch mounting tracks, dual chrome-plated stainless steel guide rods, and bronze bushings.

E-Series cylinders feature a maximum operating pressure of 142 psi and are available in eight bore sizes from 12mm to 63mm; depending on bore size, available stroke lengths range from 10mm to 250mm. Prices for NITRA E-series dual rod guided air cylinders start at $94. The complete line of NITRA E-series cylinders can be seen at: guided-air-cylinders.

To see the full line of NITRA pneumatic cylinder products, go

Prosense Line Now Includes Room Temperature Sensors And Type T Thermocouples


AutomationDirect’s ProSense line of temperature sensors now includes room temperature sensors, Type T thermocouple probes, higher-range probes, Type T thermocouple wire and RTD adjustable immersion sensors.

The ProSense room temperature sensors feature a temperature sensing range of -40 to 185 degrees F, are constructed with ABS plastic ventilated covers, metal wall mounting subplates, and an internal terminal strip for wiring connections. The ambient temperature sensors can be mounted horizontally or vertically and are available in Type J thermocouple and Pt100 type RTD versions; prices start at $25.

Type T thermocouples, starting at $17.25, have been added for applications requiring lower temperature measurement. Available in attached plug and heavy-duty lead wire models, and in six, 12, and 18-inch probe lengths, the 1/8-inch diameter probes feature a temperature sensing range of -328 to 700 degrees F. Type T thermocouple extension wire is now available in 50, 100 and 200-foot lengths, starting at $15.75.

Additional Type K thermocouple probes with higher temperature measurement are now available. Fitted with Inconel Alloy 600 sheaths to protect against harsh environments, the quarter-inch diameter probes are available in six, 12 and 18-inch lengths and have a temperature sensing range of 32 to 2100 degrees F. Prices start at $33.25. View the full line of thermocouple sensors at:

RTD adjustable immersion sensors have also been added. With a temperature sensing range of -58 to 572 degrees F, the RTD features a 100 ohm platinum three-wire element and is spring adjustable, allowing for variable immersion depths. The integral bayonet cap makes installation quick and easy when used with a bayonet adapter or pipe clamp adapter. RTD adjustable immersion sensors are priced at $43.50. Learn more about RTD sensors at:

Additional ProSense accessories include ceramic terminal blocks, screw cover connection heads, thermowells, adjustable pipe clamp adapters and thermocouple connectors. For more information on ProSense temperature sensors, visit:

Industrial-Use Data Cables Now Available


AutomationDirect now offers high-quality, low-capacitance data cables designed with impedances specific for RS-232/422 and RS-485 communication applications in industrial environments.

The 24 AWG tinned copper conductors are constructed as twisted pairs to reduce electrical noise sensitivity and are available in one, two, or three-pair color coded constructions. Polyethylene conductor insulation provides very high insulation resistance. The rugged gray PVC jacket is durable enough for use in demanding industrial applications.

Protection from radiated or conducted electromagnetic interference is provided by combination shields consisting of an overall foil shield layer with drain wire and a woven braid shield layer. This shield combination offers maximum effectiveness across the frequency spectrum compared to other single layer shielded cables.

Data cables are backed with a oneyear warranty and are available in 100- foot coils and 500 or 1,000-foot rolls, with prices starting at $69 for a 100-foot coil.

For more information, visit: