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Product Snapshots – Issue 4, 2005

We have added several exciting products since our last edition of the Automation Notebook. Here are some highlights about some of those new products including: Non-fused disconnects, 22 mm and 30 mm pilot devices, 115 VAC GS2 drives, ECT promis•e draw packages Version 5.06, Signal conditioners.


Non-Fused Disconnects

Non-Fused DisconnectsAutomationDirect has introduced a line of non-fused switch disconnects for breaking and disconnecting on equipment loads. The SD1 series non-fused disconnects allow breaking and disconnecting on equipment loads of up to 600 VAC, at a nominal current range from 16 A to 40 A. SD2 series non-fused disconnects allow breaking and disconnecting on equipment loads of up to 600 VAC, at a nominal current range from 63 A to 125 A.

Both models are DIN rail or panel-mountable and feature high breaking capacity (AC 22 A to AC 23 A), double break contacts, high electrical and mechanical endurance, and are resistant to damp heat. The non-fused disconnects have an IP20 degree of protection and are HACR rated.

A complete line of standard accessories is also available, including an optional auxiliary contact module (one N.O. and one N.C. contact).

Click here for more information on the new Non-fused disconnects 


New 22 mm and 30 mm Pilot Devices Available

22 mm and 30 mm Pilot DevicesAutomationDirect has extended their 22 mm and 30 mm pushbutton product offering to include several new non-illuminated and illuminated models. New 22 mm models are available in plastic or metal designs. Plastic models include several choices of push-on / push-off configurations. Metal pushbutton models with LED indicating lights are available in either extended operator or mushroom operator designs, rated for 24 VDC/VAC or 120 VDC/VAC voltages. Also available for the 22 mm metal line are potentiometers and audible buzzers with LED indication. New Cutler-Hammer 30 mm models feature NEMA-rated metal housing designs and include flush momentary operators and mushroom push-pull operator configurations. Several of the 30 mm pushbuttons include a guarded housing for protection from accidental activation or obstruction. A line of accessories rounds out the offering.

Click here for more information on the new 22 mm and 30 mm pilot devices 


115 VAC GS2 Drives Added To Line

GS2 drivesAutomationDirect has added three new models to the GS2 series of AC drives. The 0.25 hp, 0.5 hp and 1.0 hp drives have a 115V single phase input and a 230V three phase output. These 115V drives can easily be used in environments where a 230V supply is not available and in such applications as fans, pumps, and general motor control. These new drives have all the same features as the 200V and 400V class of GS2 drives. Features include integral PID control, removable keypad with potentiometer, onboard RS232/485 MODBUS communications and an Ethernet interface option. Accompanying line reactors, EMI filters, braking resistors, fuse kits and fuses are also available.

Click here for more information on the new 115 VAC GS2 drives added 


UPDATE–ECT Promis•e Draw Packages Version 5.06 Now Available

ECT Promis•e Draw Packages Version 5.06 ECT promis•e® draw and draw + power pack software generates control system schematics, panel layouts, bills of material, wire lists, terminal plans and more to automate the control system design process. The products are available in two versions: draw, the standard package, which includes features such as an electrical symbol library, project-based organization, and the ability to search for symbols by name, thumbnail icon or description; and draw + power pack, which includes all the features of draw and adds automated functions for schematics and page manipulation. Both versions are available as an add-on package for those customers who have AutoCAD®, or a stand-alone package that incorporates the AutoCAD OEM engine, requiring no additional CAD software for operation. All promis•e AutoCAD add-on packages, such as PC-DRAW-STD and PC-DPLUS-STD, now support AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT® 2000i/2002 (version 5.05) and 2004/2005 (version 5.06).

Click here for more information on the updated ECT promis e draw packages 


RECAP – Signal Conditioners Interface Directly to PLC

Signal Conditioners Interface Directly to PLCSignal conditioners are widely used to convert process, temperature and other electrical signals into voltage or current signals for transmission or input to a PLC or other electronic control system. The devices also protect expensive electronic equipment against electrical noise. AutomationDirect’s FC series of signal conditioners are currently available in four models. The FC-11 is a loop-powered signal conditioner and isolator for 4-20 mA signals. The FC-33 is a DC-powered selectable signal conditioner and isolator for voltage/current signals with pushbutton programmable ranges and LED indicators for power and performance. The FC-T1 offers conditioning, isolation and cold-junction compensation for thermocouple/mV input signals such as Type J, K, E, R, S, T, B, N, and C. The FC-R1 is a loop-powered signal conditioner for RTD signals with selectable inputs for Pt100, Pt1000, and Cu100. All models offer three-way isolation up to 1500V, are DIN-rail mountable and come with removable terminal blocks for easier installation and maintenance.

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