Reviews and Recommendations | Web Tip

When we became the first automation supplier with a 24/7 online store in 1999, we made it easier to research and purchase industrial automation parts. Today, we continually strive to improve the service we provide to our customers by showcasing customer reviews and including recommended products when you shop on our web store.

reviewthumbCustomer Reviews

We think customer reviews are a great “user community” tool to assist with product research and purchasing decisions. That’s why we welcome all comments including company-wide reviews and product reviews.

We currently have over 3,700 reviews available on detailed item level pages as well as product listings for relevant products. Guests can read reviews and registered logged-in users can add information for product they are familiar with.

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Recommended Products

To help make sure you get all the components and accessories you need with your order, we have added recommended items to each appropriate detailed item page throughout our web store.

For instance, if you purchase P2-550, the Productivity2000 CPU module, we recommend the options for a base, power supply, software, manual, etc. in addition to some optional accessories such as Ethernet cables and switches.

When you add items to the shopping cart, we also generate an consolidated list of recommended items to provide that last check for needed accessories before purchase. This is displayed on the cart page and allows easy addition of selected products to the order.