RG Weber Control Systems Keeps Older Control Systems Working Efficiently

An older control system that regularly fails has a significant impact on a company’s earnings with production down-time and incessant equipment repair costs. RG Weber Control Systems works with its customers to restore their machines’ productivity and efficiency to its full capabilities – leading to a better bottom line.

More About RG Weber Control Systems, Inc.

AutomationDirect at RG Weber Control SystemsSince 1993, RG Weber Control Systems, Inc. has provided complete industrial automation system integration solutions for a wide variety of industries and customers throughout the United States. With decades of experience in the integration and support of industrial control systems, RG Weber Control Systems stands behind its work and even ensures that employees are available following a project’s completion to ensure customers’ machines are working as they should.

AutomationDirect at RG Weber Control SystemsBob Weber, President of RG Weber Control Systems, said employees stay up-to-date with new technology so they can recommend technical solutions that best match customers’ equipment efficiency needs at a reasonable cost. “That’s why we rely on AutomationDirect. It seems they, like us, try to focus on the next, better way to do things. They offer new hardware and software as it becomes available. They also make it easy to get equipment into our hands as quickly as possible to move projects along in a timely manner.  As customers often need to hold their automation projects until their needs are most critical, it benefits us to know that the hardware we have called out for a project will be ready to go as soon as we need it,” said Weber.

By working with AutomationDirect, RG Weber Control Systems can continue its dedication to providing the highest quality control system integration services to customers. Weber explained: “We’re honest and professional in our evaluation of customer requirements and attentive to every detail of our work. AutomationDirect helps us meet our customers’ expectations by supporting us with the right product, at the right cost, when we need it.”

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