Scale Model of the POWER UP Field – 3D Printable

3D Printable, 1:20th Scale Model of the POWER UP Field

AutomationDirect’s animation team converted the animation models into 3D printable models for you to play with.  This is the “playing field” for the FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) game for 2018.  For more info about FIRST and the 2018 game: “POWER UP” – please visit the FIRST website

You have seen the 2018 Game Animation, right?

3D Printable

Printable Scale Model of the POWER UP Field – FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)


CLICK HERE to download the models (SolidWorks and STL files) 


These models are NOT intended to be accurate representations of the actual field – please do not use them for ANY game, rule or ‘build’ decisions.  These models have been highly modified from the actual field drawings to make them easy to 3D print and assemble and to give the general appearance of the actual POWER UP field.  To paraphrase from the Latin – Caveat Printor! –  Let the printer beware!

All parts should fit together, but that depends heavily on your printer accuracy. Hopefully, they are close enough that you can file things down a little if needed. The examples shown here were all printed on an inexpensive, low-end RepRap 3D Printer – so any printer you have should be able to print at least as well.

NOTE: We are NOT CAD experts, so if you see ways to improve these PLEASE do so and send us a copy. Let’s make this a community project!

Print settings we used for all items:

  •      0.2mm layers
  •      Shell .4mm
  •      Top and bottom .4mm
  •      Fill 20%
  •      PLA: extruder 190, bed 60
  •      No supports (except the Exchange and portals)

While we have your attention 😉

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Assembly Instructions:

Field Perimeter Assembly

Print the following items:

Qty     Item
6        Driver Stations – face down
2        Exchanges – face down with supports
4        Portals – face down with supports
16       Side Rails – face down

Step 1:  Assemble Two Driver Station walls face down using 1.75mm filament as pins

3D Printable

POWER UP Driver Station Assembly

Insert enough filament to span the hinges (don’t need to go all the way up the wall). Trim excess filament off. No need to glue it in place.

Assemble side rails using the same technique:

3D Printable

POWER UP Side Rail Assembly


Stand both driver stations up and bend at portal hinge points to create field geometry.

3D Printable

POWER UP Driver Station Complete


Insert final pins between portals and side rails (I’m using red so it is easy for you to see).

3D Printable

POWER UP Perimeter Assembly


Use a straight edge to align side rails and tape or glue side rails to surface (angle aluminum works well for this):

3D Printable

POWER UP Side Rail Alignment


Field Perimeter is now complete

3D Printable

POWER UP Field Perimeter


Switch Assembly

Print the following items:

Qty     Item
2        Platforms – upright
2        Switch Cages – upright

Holes are intentionally undersized so you can use a large paper clip.  To use filament as the pivot carefully drill the holes out. Insert pin and secure by squishing the filament, or gluing or melting at the cage with a soldering iron

3D Printable

POWER UP Switch Assembly


Scale Assembly

Print the following items:

Qty     Item
1        Platform – upright
1        Scale Base – upright
 1        Scale Hanging Bar – You may need to invert this to print it without supports

Assemble the platform just like the switch:

3D PrintablePOWER Up Scale

The hanging bar should be a press fit:

3D Printable

POWER UP Scale with Hanging Bar



Print them laying flat on back

3D Printable



Power Cubes

Just print them.  You will need 70 to fully populate a field. Note that they are shorter in height than in width or length.

3D Printable

POWER UP Power Cubes


Field Notes:

  1. The exchange and the Feeder Station both have a slot for a push bar to eject the cube. We just us a piece of filament for that, but you can make something more suitable if you want (send us a copy!):
  2. The exchange is tough to 3D print – let us know if you see an easier way to do it.
    3D Printable

    POWER UP Exchange


Please let us know what you think and if you can show us a better way to do this!

You can reach us by e-mail:

Or on Chief Delphi:

Rick Folea:       user: rfolea
Chip McDaniel  user: only1chip

Additional Photos:

3D Printable

POWER UP Completed Print 1


3D Printable

POWER UP Completed Print 2


And here is a gallery, with all the images: