Special Extrusion Offer for Georgia FRC Teams

We hated that we couldn’t show you our new Aluminum extrusion products in-person at FRC kick-off this past Saturday at Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!). Omicron $@%#!

We’ve recently launched an entire line of Aluminum Extrusion T-slot Rails AND a full line of T-slot Accessories. Better yet:

  • We have great prices (starting at $0.23 per inch)
  • AND we cut it to your exact specifications – with no additional “cut” charges!
  • AND we ship it fast – you can have pre-cut rails in two days!

That’s right! We cut it to YOUR specs for FREE – and ship it to you in 2 days!

Choose from 20 different profiles ordered in your specified cut-to-length sections from a minimum of 4.500 inches [11.43 cm] to a maximum of 90 inches [228.60 cm], in 0.001-inch increments. You can specify each individual cut(s) as a standard 90-degree, 45-degree, or 135-degree cut when ordering.

Cross-sections of just a few of the 20 profiles offered, in Inch and Metric sizes.

Order by 6:00pm, and have it on the second business day following. Spend more than $49 – and the shipping is free. Orders under $49 ship for a flat $10 fee – and you still get the parts in 2 days!

Ordering Example for 1010C (1″ x 1″ rail)

Want $50 of FREE aluminum t-slot?

To help our local teams get started, we are offering a second $50 voucher* for Georgia FRC teams (only!) to try out the t-slot products. (*Yes, there is already one $50 voucher in EVERY team’s Virtual KOP!)

How to get the FREE stuff:

Just go online (log in or create a new account) and start specifying your parts. Once you have at least $50 worth of parts in your cart: send an Email to Chip and Rick at educational@automationdirect.com with your account number – or visit the shopping cart page and “share your cart” to that same address. We will enable a promo code for your account, and let you know when you are ready to checkout. You can choose any parts you like – but we hope you will give the new t-slot extrusions and all the t-slot accessories a try!

Note: if the paid portion of your order (after the $50 discount) is $0-$49 – you will need a credit card to pay for shipping (a $10 flat fee). If you order an additional $49 worth of parts – the shipping will be free – but you will still need a card (or PayPal) to pay for the extra parts.

Check out all our T-slot Accessories also!

Shop for T-slot Accessories

There are a ton of fasteners and connecting components, including many that don’t require any machining. Joining plates and brackets. Casters for carts (doesn’t your team need to build a new cart this year?). Wheels that roll in the t-slots. And so much more.

And we keep it all in stock – for immediate delivery.