StrideLinx’s IEC 62443 Conformance Helps Machine Builders with Their Own IT/OT Cyber Security

StrideLinx 2.0

Applied Risk, a trusted partner in cyber security, has audited StrideLinx on the IEC 62443 security standards. By seeking compliance with the IEC 62443 standards, StrideLinx supports machine builders with getting their security in place. StrideLinx’s mission is to unburden machine builders in terms of security and offer them a helping hand in completing their own IEC 62443 compliance and getting closer to a fully secure system or machine.

“The StrideLinx Cloud is designed with a strong commitment to security throughout the entire security development lifecycle (SDLC) of their VPN routers.” – Damon Purvis, PLC Product Manager at AutomationDirect

Machines are increasingly connected to the internet, which leads to challenges in terms of IT/OT cyber security. Machine builders do not want to run the risk of hurting their reputations due to security issues. Additionally, manufacturers expect them to comply with several security standards when purchasing their machines.

Machine builders play an important role in IT/OT cyber security as well as machine safety. To ensure that the whole system from hardware to the cloud and the processes involved is secure, the IEC 62443 is the most practically applicable security standard for industrial machines. It helps organizations reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities in Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS).

“StrideLinx products and services meet the requirements of the IEC 62443 standard, which means StrideLinx has the means to support our customers, in designing, building and delivering their machines to the latest security standards, together with cyber security partners such as Applied Risk.” – Jonathan Griffith, Automation Controls & Connectivity Product Manager at AutomationDirect

The IEC 62443 standard consists of 14 individual standards in 4 categories, of which StrideLinx conforms with both IEC 62443-4-1 and IEC 62443-4-2. These specific standards contain the technical guidelines for developing secure industrial components or products and are targeted to manufacturers of industrial devices.

StrideLinx’s compliance with these specific standards means their products are secure, which contributes to the IEC 62443 component machine builders consider important: IEC 62443-3-3. This aspect of IEC 62443 ensures that your entire system or machine is secure with regard to cyber security.

“StrideLinx as a whole and the StrideLinx Cloud platform are ISO 27001 certified, which ensures we comply with all information security requirements in general. With our knowledge about the IEC 62443 standardization, we are even more in tune with our customers since it focuses on IT security of industrial machines.” – Dylan Eikelenboom, Security Officer for StrideLinx

Cyber security certificate received from Applied Risk after successfully passing the audit:

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