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Supplier Profile: Quadritalia

In 1988, the four Sanson cousins, Flavio, Rodolfo, Mauro, and Stefano, decided to use the entrepreneurial spirit that runs in the family and start creating products for the electro-technical business. And Quadritalia was born, with the mission to provide high quality products, serve customers well, and continue to innovate in the industry.

Quadritalia building

More than 30 years later, still family owned and operated, Quadritalia is a leading producer of modular metal carpentry for not only the electronic industry, but also the marine industry, machine builders and, Eolic plants. The company prides itself on offering high quality products with a range of different configurations, painting, and drills that meet the needs of their customers.

Though to an untrained eye Quadritalia products may look like simple metal enclosures, the company has and continues to find ways to make innovative, solution-oriented products. And that commitment to quality and innovation has helped the company to expand beyond Europe, with their products now found in over 40 countries. And their goal is by working with AutomationDirect they can continue to grow and break into additional international markets.

Proud to be 100% Italian Made

An hour from Venice, Brendola is a town best known for a preserved renaissance chapel while also being in the heart of the Vicenza province; one of the most industrialized areas of Italy.

It seems the whole Vincenza province is a juxtaposition of past and present. There are still many small family-owned farms and wine growers throughout the region that carry on the traditions of the past, while the clean industries of electronic, metal, and mechanics are focused on the future.

The Sanson family walks the line between preserving the past and looking to the future with everything they do at Quadritalia. Being a prominent family business, they hold onto the wisdom and lessons of the past and celebrate the rich history of the region they are so proud of, while also constantly looking for ways to modernize and innovate.

“Our decision not to relocate and to focus on a production entirely “made in Italy” was a deliberate one. Our desire is to help create well-being locally and our connection to the Veneto region influences everything we do,” says Founder and President Mr. Flavio Sanson.

A Passion for Innovation

The only thing that rivals their Italian pride, is Quadritalia’s commitment to constantly innovating their products and systems.

All production is completely automated with robotic plants which allows for a low environmental footprint and extreme efficiency. The technical department programs the entirety of production through CAD/CAM stations which pilot the processing line.

Some of the specific processes they have pioneered include a painting cycle that takes place on a robotized automatic system equipped with three different cabins. This allows for faster transition and the ability to manage custom colors. And the materials used for painting are highly specialized metal materials that prevent rust.

Even more ingenious is their certified method where the polyurethane foam gaskets continuously cast on doors and panels coming from paintwork to guarantee the protection of Quadritalia products from water and dust.

The New Way of Thinking About Floor Standing Enclosures

The biggest innovation from Quadritalia however, took years of work and commitment.

Quadritalia punching and pressing machine

The problem was clear; there was a need to optimize the space available when shipping their products all over the world.

The Quadritalia team knew the solution was a product you could disassemble without sacrificing any of the quality and strength. And that the customer could also easily re-assemble. But making that product is easier said than done.

After putting all their best minds to work, the OK Series Enclosure was born. And with it, a new way of thinking about floor standing enclosures.

“We consider the OK Series the ultimate and smartest solution in the field of electrical enclosures for industrial automation and electronics, because it significantly reduces transportation costs, can be assembled with one tool, and still has the rigidity of a welded enclosure,” says Mr. Flavio Sanson.

The OK Series features a dismantlable frame made of a triple layer of galvanized steel. The parts are manufactured on a profiling line, have no welded parts, and are not painted, which ensures they have a high electromagnetic compatibility.

The real secret to the OK Series is the mechanism of the joint, which is built to stay connected and be flexible while also being stable and solid. The combination of these elements guarantees the utmost stiffness of the OK structure.

The OK series enclosures are available in two versions, pre-assembled (OKB) and the disassembled flat pack (OKK). Both versions can be ordered in many different configurations suitable for the automation and power distribution market.

Included in the revolutionary flat pack are a set of 4 vertical upright panels, a pre-assembled top and base element, screws, assembling hardware and instructions. The flat pack allows for production to be more efficient, while also saving on transportation costs. So, it’s a win for both the company and the customer.

With the flat pack, customers can more easily store enclosures without taking up as much space. And repairs are more cost effective, because you are able to replace a single panel versus the whole enclosure.

High Quality and Customer Satisfaction

The core of Quadritalia’s mission is to provide the highest quality products that meet the specific needs of their customers. Similar to their commitment to innovation, the company doesn’t rest on their laurels now that they have achieved success.

“We continue to invest significant resources in the pursuit of excellence and are continually improving our product range,” says Mr. Flavio Sanson.

And at the heart of their desire to add products is to continue to meet the needs of their customers. Being a company of just 60 employees sets Quadritalia apart from its competitors because they can be flexible with customers’ orders and easily handle special requests.

Sanson notes, “At Quadritalia our desire is to be a true strategic partner for our customers, by understanding the individual requirements of each customer and satisfying them as efficiently as possible.”

2020-2021 proved to be one of Quadritalia’s most successful years yet despite the pandemic and they are currently updating their headquarters and equipment buildings. They consider this time to be the new renaissance for the company, as they have invested several million Euros over two years into their buildings and machinery.

With the second generation of Sansons starting to become involved in the company, Quadritalia looks to continue to hold true to their company values while moving the needle forward in innovation in the industry.