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Supplier Profile: Spartan Scientific

Although sometimes taken for granted, clean water is a basic human need made possible through infrastructure and treatment facilities that channel, process, and safely deliver it to our taps. The water made available for much of the developed world to drink, bathe, or cook with has very likely, at many phases along its journey to homes, businesses, and public potable water sources, passed through a device known as a solenoid valve.

Solenoid valves control the flow of water and other media (including other liquids or gases) and help keep water clean as it travels through the vast networks of pipes and valves that make up water systems. As with any device that has direct contact with liquids that people ingest or touch, quality, safety, and reliability are essential components of a trustworthy solenoid valve. As the extensively reported municipal water crises in some U.S. communities have made clear, every component along the potable water journey must be durable and crafted of high integrity, non-toxic materials that are uncompromisingly safe for people.

Against these rigorous baseline requirements, Spartan Scientific seeks to not only meet, but surpass the bar for solenoid valve safety and quality through enhanced efficiencies, an ear constantly tuned to the voice of the customer, and iterative, innovative solution-building.

About Spartan Scientific

Based in Boardman, Ohio, Spartan Scientific manufactures fluid and pneumatic automation components, including industrial solenoid valves and related products. The company formed in 1987, founded on a dedication to customer-centered product development, a commitment to product reliability and innovation, and a focus on service excellence.

From its beginning, Spartan saw an unfilled need in the market for composite valves, an opportunity it met with innovative use of plastics and other materials that evolved into the product lines available today. The diverse end-use applications for Spartan’s line of solenoid valves and accessories include potable water and water processing, food and beverage, medical, pulp and paper production, chemical handling and dispensing, air ride suspension systems, irrigation, and many other scientific and industrial uses.

Spartan Scientific is a division of Canfield Industries, an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing company catering to the electronics, plastics, and industrial verticals.

High-Integrity Solenoid Valves for Essential Applications

AutomationDirect added Spartan Scientific potable water valves to their offerings in mid-2023. In addition to potable water applications, Spartan’s solenoid valves can be used for other liquids, oils, and inert gases. Constructed of either glass-reinforced nylon or low-lead brass and available in a variety of port sizes, flow rates, and pressure ranges, the valves offer high quality materials, proven design, and reliable operation.

Every Spartan Scientific product is 100% made in the USA, and subject to extensive quality control and testing for trusted performance and durability.

New Facility Highlights Company Growth

In a recent major milestone, December 2023 saw Spartan Scientific announce its relocation to its newly outfitted 230 McClurg Road facility in Boardman, Ohio. The 20,000 square foot headquarters underwent significant remodeling prior to move-in and represents an expansion over the prior facility, reflective of Spartan’s continued growth and investment into future innovation, high quality product development, and increased manufacturing capacity.

The new headquarters houses engineering facilities, production, a dedicated quality assurance department and a cutting-edge inventory system. Its production capabilities include a horizontal molding department with three state-of-the-art injection molding machines that allow for highly custom product manufacturing, and which are able to accommodate the needs of both Spartan Scientific and its sibling division, Canfield Connector.

Customer-Centered Product Development

While Spartan Scientific offers a wide range of standardized solenoid valves that can be neatly incorporated into existing assemblies, its core strength lies in its ability to respond quickly to customer requirements, even customizing solutions to specification when needed. Indeed, the company’s “Two Ears and One Mouth” policy assures that customer needs are heard and at the forefront of every interaction.  Over their time in business, the company has built its reputation on products that deliver high quality at a relatively low cost in comparison with other valves on the market.

“Helping design systems that perform well and are more cost effective is an area that our team has been able to bring some exceptional results,” said Todd Harmon, vice president of Spartan Scientific. “For us, it’s vital to take the time to listen to the different needs that every situation brings.”

Pursuit of Excellence

The Spartan Scientific company vision is, “Helping customers meet their goals, one valve at a time.” From potable water applications to heavy industry, Spartan’s range of products continue to help industrial customers regulate the flow of fluid and gas across diverse applications, while ensuring the ultimate consumers of the water flowing through their solenoid valves enjoy the essential benefits of a safe, clean drink.