What Makes the Difference? The PLUS Factor in System Concepts PLUS

In 2008, Joe Summers founded System Concepts PLUS (SC+), an engineering specialty provider for the industrial process control area. The company was founded on the concept of providing more service at an affordable price by understanding customers’ specific control and automation problems and working to provide the best automation solution. The SC+ motto is: “To provide a quality SYSTEM based on sound engineering CONCEPTS. The PLUS is what makes us different.”

The PLUS Factor

AutomationDirect at System Concepts PLUSSummers goes on to explain that difference: “Most machinery systems consist of mechanical and electrical components that interact together for the whole system to operate as intended. The PLUS is a deep knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and safety aspects of machinery design. Whether it’s new equipment, modification, or upgrades, we have a combined forty years of experience to help our customers solve problems, improve efficiencies, and increase safety.” Specifically, SC+ provides the following services: PLC programming, CAD drawing, software support, start-up, mechanical and electrical system design, custom control panel fabrication, energy analysis, and general engineering services.

The System Concepts PLUS way of doing business is succeeding. The company is growing and hired two new engineers in the past year. They have also increased their marketing efforts with a responsive website and social media presence, including Instagram and Twitter profiles @system_concepts on both platforms.

AutomationDirect at System Concepts PLUSAccording to Summers, working with AutomationDirect helps his company provide that “difference” to his customers. “AutomationDirect is our number one vendor and our preference in automation products including PLCs, HMIs, and everything else!  Great, FREE tech support, which is always willing and able to help.  Their website is another fantastic feature — I order today, and it’s here tomorrow.  Great service at great prices is hard to beat!”

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