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Early civilizations used an arm’s length, the width of a palm or the number of seeds in a container to build buildings and trade items in a local marketplace. In today’s world, measuring liquids, solids, and even atomic particles has become an exact science. For day-to-day operations, manufacturers need to measure and maintain materials at safe levels and in balance. The specialized knowledge of how to create and build the systems to accomplish this has been the focus of Systems & Controls for nearly 20 years. Founded in 1999 with an extensive background in scales and controls, Systems & Controls has become a company focused on this industry.

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Systems & Controls

Mark McHenry Owner of Systems & Controls discusses an example of how the company provides solutions for his customers: “We have a customer who specializes in wood preservatives and do all of their automation. Everything we supply to them in terms of automation, is supplied by Automation Direct. We have a local network of approximately 30 Do-More and DirectLOGIC PLCs and C-More touch screens. Most of the PLCs are connected to scales or level indicators and are also connected to the network so any of the PLCs on the network can read weights or levels of any of the tanks. Outside storage tank incorporating valves and VFDs for loading and unloading of bulk materials are controlled via the network — eliminating a great deal of wiring between the building and the storage tanks located approximately 500 feet from the building. Almost all pressure transmitters, level transmitters, limit switches, air hose and fittings, push buttons, and bulk wire are from Automation Direct. We are currently in the process of installing close to 100 valves for manufacturing and transferring product between tanks and loading tanker trucks.”

Systems & Controls HMISystems & Controls provides concrete plant calibration services for Tennessee Department of Transportation plant certifications. Along with the concrete industry, the company also offers custom filling, batching, and automation systems for many industries utilizing PLCs, touchscreens, and VFDs in its custom panel shop. For other industries, they provide scale calibration and repairs with after hour emergency service should the need arise.

“We are able to provide customers with quality weighing systems and custom solutions for all their automation needs,” said McHenry. “We use Automation Direct products because of their reliability, availability, capabilities, ease of use, and fantastic customer service. Not to mention the free shipping!”

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