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You’ll Always Land on Your Feet with EtherCAT®

In the fast-paced world of industrial automation, even a millisecond delay can have a ripple effect, disrupting production lines and costing valuable time. This is where EtherCAT steps in, offering a solution to the real-time communication challenges faced by factories and other industrial environments. Developed by Beckhoff Automation, EtherCAT builds upon the familiar foundation of Ethernet, known for its speed and ease of use. However, it goes a step further by guaranteeing deterministic communication, meaning data transmission happens at predictable intervals, eliminating the uncertainties and delays common in standard internet connections. This translates to ultra-fast and highly reliable communication between machines, ensuring smooth operation and maximizing efficiency in even the most demanding industrial settings.

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What is EtherCAT?

EtherCAT, which stands for Ethernet for Control Automation Technology, is a high-performance industrial network protocol based on standard Ethernet. It’s specifically designed for real-time communication and deterministic data exchange, making it ideal for motion control applications like robotics, assembly lines, and packaging machines. Read More –>

New LS Electric EtherCAT® PLC Modules and Servo Systems from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added EtherCAT controller modules for the LS Electric XGB PLC family.  These new modules work in conjunction with our new lineup of LS Electric iX7 EtherCAT servo systems for highly accurate multi-axis motion control functionality. Read More –>

LS XGB PLC with EtherCAT from AutomationDirect

The LS Electric XGB PLC from AutomationDirect is a flexible and highly featured option for your automation control needs. It offers all of the power of a traditional process controller, a high volume I/O platform, as well as multi-axis integrated motion using step and direction or over ethernet. Watch Now–>

LS Electric iX7 EtherCAT Servos from AutomationDirect

Learn more about the LS Electric iX7 EtherCAT Servos now available at AutomationDirect! Watch now –>

Supplier Profile: LS Electric

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Using the LS-Electric XGB PLC and iX7 Servo Systems for EtherCAT®-based Servo Motion Control

Learn more about Servo based motion control with the LS Electric XGB PLC and iX7 Servo systems. Read now –>

LS Electric Servo System Selector Tool

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From Ethernet to EtherCAT and Beyond

Once only suitable for sheltered office installations, Ethernet media and protocols can now efficiently serve and future-proof a variety of industrial applications. Read More –>