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The P1000 Received Plant Engineering’s 2018 Engineers’ Choice Bronze Award

AutomationDirect’s Productivity1000 PLC was selected for its ability to provide cost-effective control of machines and processes.

AutomationDirect’s Productivity1000 PLC was announced as a Plant Engineering 2018 Engineers’ Choice Awards Bronze Winner for the Automation & Control category. You can find more info on the Productivity1000 PLC here and explore if it would be a good fit for your next project.

The Productivity1000 PLC is a robust, reliable and industrial- strength device with extensive control capabilities. It comes with free, downloadable and easy-to-use programming software, and the entire package provides powerful and easy to access features in compact form factors.

The Productivity1000 is the smallest and lowest-cost member of the Productivity controller family, but and it’s highly capable. Its many features are packed in a smaller, slimmer design as compared to the other two models in the product family to deliver space savings.

The impressive hardware features in the Productivity1000 start with 50MB of user memory to easily handle complex applications. It requires no base or backplane and can readily be expanded with up to 8 snap-on I/O modules. The P1000 system supports up to 128 discrete I/O points or 48 analog I/O channels total while other Productivity series controllers handle thousands of I/O points for larger applications.

The Productivity1000 is well positioned for Industrial Internet of Things applications with its four built-in communication ports including Ethernet 10/100Mbps, micro USB, Serial RS-485 and Serial RS-232. These enable connectivity to a programming terminal, various industrial networks and legacy devices as well. Data logging up to 32GB on an optional microSD card is another feature of this slim, stackable and compact PLC.

The P1000 includes the free and full-featured Productivity Suite PLC programming software, with no annual subscription fees. Like the P1000, Productivity Suite is developed and supported in the U.S.

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