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VR Simulation of the 2019 FIRST Robotics Destination Deep Space Game Field

UPDATE #2: You can now 1) control the Cargo Ship ejection flaps, 2) Drive the mortar-bot from the game animation around the field (just stand in the driver station of the robot you want to control), 3) Run a full match with sound effects, 4) Watch a monitor in the driver station of the robot view during the sandstorm. Enjoy!
**The New update is at the same link, so just click on that link in the original post below.

Check out the new feature overview video for Update #2 here:

That’s right … strap on your HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT and go play around on the DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE field.

The lead animator from the recent FRC Game animations (Stronghold, Steamworks, Power-Up, and DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE) also programs virtual reality games in his spare time. So, he took the assets from the FRC Power-Up Game Animation and dropped them into VR to give you a VERY realistic view of the field.

You Can:

  1. Go anywhere on the field and view the ROCKETS, HABITATS, LOADING STATIONS, DRIVER STATIONS, Cargo Ships, etc.
  3. Place CARGO in the rockets and Cargo Ships
  4. Control the SANDSTORM screens
  5. Pick up objects manually or via force grab (point and trigger and objects come to you!)

>>>>> Click this text to view the preview video

This is just a first iteration, but should give you a pretty realistic view of the field. We’ll be adding stuff so let us know what else you would like to see.

>>>>>> Just download this file <<<<<<<<

extract it and run the *.exe. It will work with either HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT.

*** Make sure you have SteamVR running – This was built using Steam VR to ensure compatibility with the maximum number of headsets, so you have to have it running for this sim to work ***

While we have your attention…

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