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AutomationDirect adds Handheld Tachometers and Stroboscopes

Cumming, GA — October 30, 2013  AutomationDirect’s line of tools now includes SHIMPO handheld stroboscopes and tachometers available in AC-powered, rechargeable and battery-powered models.

The SHIMPO DT-100A series battery-powered handheld tachometers offer superior accuracy and capabilities for measuring and …

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Flow Switches Added to ProSense Line

Cumming, GA — May 30, 2013  AutomationDirect’s new ProSense FSD series flow switches monitor liquid media and provide reliable flow detection for various flow applications. The series’ sensing principle ensures extremely fast response time and allows for a …

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AutomationDirect Expands Ultrasonic Sensor Line

Cumming, GA — May 1, 2013  AutomationDirect’s ultrasonic sensor offering now includes additional 18mm and 30mm round plastic DC models available with discrete or analog outputs. The sensors are equipped with LED status indicators and a push-button teach …

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AutomationDirect Adds More High-Resolution Encoders

Cumming, GA — April 17, 2013  AutomationDirect has extended its series of Koyo medium duty encoders to include high PPR (Pulses Per Revolution) models. Available in Totem Pole (Push-Pull) or line driver (differential) configurations, the encoders feature a 50mm diameter …

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AutomationDirect Adds to Capacitive Proximity Sensor Lineup

Cumming, GA — November 14, 2012  AutomationDirect’s line of capacitive proximity sensors now includes 12mm metal round bodied DC models with shielded and unshielded mounting options, PNP, normally-open outputs, potentiometer adjustment and M12 quick disconnect. Unshielded 18mm DC …

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Encoders Explained – Issue 25, 2013

What is an encoder?

An encoder (for industrial controls) is a special sensor that captures position information and relays that data to other devices. The position information can be read in many ways (optically, magnetically, capacitively, etc.). There are two …

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Gas Turbine Repurposed With PLCs – Issue 24, 2012

The Midwest Propulsion Group is a jet engine club dedicated to increasing the engineering knowledge and experience base of students by providing real-world engineering tasks related to gas turbine restoration and performance analysis, as well as finding vehicular applications for …

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PLCs Automate Reliability Testing

AutomationDirect PLCs enable continuous life-cycle testing, provide data collection, and shorten product design and verification cycles at Viking Range.…

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DL06 PLC Puts Heaters To The Test – Issue 13, 2009

Pyromatics Automation Systems of Crystal Lake, IL, was contracted by Durex Industries of Cary, IL, to develop a Life Cycle Test Station for its electric heating elements. After extensive research, Pyromatics chose AutomationDirect as the primary supplier of hardware and …

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Automating the Bottom Line – Issue 14, 2009

Metcam is a manufacturing company located in Alpharetta, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. Founded in 1989, the company specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication serving a diverse industry base including commercial HVAC, healthcare, electronics, automotive, food service and air filtration. …

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