A Complete Pneumatic Solution

Product management teams at AutomationDirect constantly work to add products which complement our core PLC offering. The product offering now includes a number of automation components not normally found inside control cabinets. An excellent example of this is our line of NITRA™ pneumatic products which ties in with our existing PLCs and controls.

With recent additions to the NITRA line, we now offer a complete line of pneumatic automation components from air preparation to directional control and actuation, including all interconnecting fittings and tubing. The NITRA pneumatics line offers customers a more complete selection to solve their automation and control needs.

Air Preparation

NITRA air prep components, often called FRLs (Filters, Regulators and Lubricators) prepare an incoming compressed air supply for use by a pneumatic system. Filters remove water and contaminants from the air. Regulators reduce and maintain supplied air pressure to the user’s desired setpoint. Lubricators add lightweight oil to the air which prevents damage to system components requiring continuous lubrication. Lockable relieving shutoff valves are also available to safely turn off a pneumatic system for maintenance. AutomationDirect’s current NITRA air prep line consists of modular components that can be mounted separately or assembled into combination units.

Directional Control

The directional control devices of a pneumatic system consist of valves which turn an air supply on and off, or change the direction of air flow between two ports. Our current NITRA line has a small selection of manual on/off valves and a larger variety of solenoid operated valves. Manifold blocks are available for 5-port valves to simplify installation and connections. PLC outputs can control these solenoid valves, connecting the electrical and pneumatic systems of an automation application.


Most of the work in pneumatic systems is done by air cylinders. Our NITRA A-series cylinders are some of the simplest cylinders to apply. They are low cost, non-repairable cylinders which are permanently lubricated at the factory, giving the user years of reliable service. Models are available in single-acting and double-acting styles, with a large choice of bore and stroke sizes to meet most needs. Solid-state position switches are also available to allow a user’s PLC to monitor the status of the system.

Tubing and Fittings

Tying these components together to complete a system are NITRA’s nylon or polyurethane tubing and push-to-connect fittings. We carry tubing in several of the most popular sizes and colors. Push-to-connect fittings have become the desired format for many industries and we currently stock nearly 400 styles.

We consider the current NITRA product offering to be a strong base on which to build for the coming years. Look for more styles and sizes in all product categories as we continue to expand the NITRA line.

The addition of pneumatics to our primarily electrical product lineup is another move toward making AutomationDirect a one-stop shop for all our customers’ industrial automation needs. We will continue adding product lines in the future to achieve this goal. Linear motion, power transmission, bearings and fasteners are just some of the new product lines currently under consideration.

By Pat Phillips,
Product Engineer,
Process and Fluid Power


Originally Posted: Sept 1, 2010