Halloween will sneak up before you know it. So have you started planning your creepy, scary, or horrifyingly haunting Halloween props yet? If not, take a look at our three Halloween YouTube videos that I’m sure will scare…I mean…inspire you. Each video below explains how to build a DIY Halloween pneumatic creation step by step. The best part about using a pneumatic component is its ability to automate endless types of props from a bone shaking skeleton, to a crazed zombie or even lift the lid of a Vampire’s coffin. And thanks to the products from AutomationDirect, you can create a custom pneumatic prop to scare those trick-or-treaters that won’t break the bank. Happy haunting!

Monster in a Box

This video explains how to create a fully automated “Monster in A Box” Halloween prop using NITRA pneumatics and a CLICK PLC. This specific prop is a creepy crate where the lid shakes, opens and then a monster head pops up to scare your guests. Go ahead and take a look for yourself, if you dare.

Automated Dresser Drawers

The real secret behind turning an ordinary static Halloween prop into something that is terrifyingly realistic is using pneumatics to give it animation. This video walks through how to build an automated pneumatic dresser with two drawers that open and close when a human triggers a sensor.

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Automated Halloween Prop Series

This video will briefly give you an overview of our four-part series on how to build a simple manually operated Halloween pneumatic prop and convert it into a fully automated system. The only thing you’ll be missing will be the creepy background music…To watch the complete video series click here.

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