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FIRST TEAM |Five Years and Counting…

On January 12th, the publisher of AutomationWorld, Jim Chrzan, announced the list of “First Team” suppliers as recognized by their readers and subscribers for their Leadership in Automation 2015 program. The goal of the program is to showcase readers’ preferred suppliers across a variety of automation technologies.

LIA_2015-FirstTeamThe survey is an open-ended one which can serve as a useful snapshot of current reader preferences. In spite of the major automation suppliers who typically dominant many categories, smaller suppliers appeared on the list. This is significant because according to Chrzan, “Be they large or small companies, they receive recognition from a write-in survey; it demonstrates that respondents were in no way swayed by a list of names on a voting form.”

We at AutomationDirect are elated to be recognized as “First Team” members in the categories of HMI Hardware and PLCs/PACs. To learn more about our HMI Hardware and PLCs/PACs check out the videos below.

HMI Hardware

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Since change in technology is constant and evolving, we too reply upon input collected from surveys such as this when making product decisions. And, we hope that you will consider AutomationDirect as your preferred supplier, now and in the future.

See the results of the survey by visiting 2015 Leadership in Automation: First Time Honorees.

For more information about AutomationDirect’s awards, click here.


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