HMI Upgrade Contest Winner

We asked you all to submit a photo to show us why you’re in need of an HMI upgrade. It didn’t matter if you were planning to build a new project, trying to bring life to an old machine, or wanting a new HMI just to have it. We just said get creative. So we didn’t know what type of photo submissions we would get. Honestly, the photos that were shared with us were so witty that we wanted to highlight some of the most popular ones here. Below you will find the top photos that were entered into our “Show Us Why You Need an HMI Upgrade” photo contest!

HMI_Upgrade_Contest_top_contest winner


Check Out the Photos That Got the Most Votes


#1 Not What I Had In Mind

Not What I Had In Mind Box

When I said I needed it mounted in a box, this is not what I had in mind…


#2 Moustache You

Moustache You

I moustache you to choose me for an HMI upgrade! 🙂


#3 Loki


“Yes Loki this trainer would be awesome with an EA9 HMI Touch Panel!”


#4 Stuck in the 20th Century

Error Codes

Now 🙁 May 🙂


#5 It’s the Pits

update old panel drastically

Need an HMI to update this old panel drastically


#6 Coffee Ready?!


Coffee Ready

This 60 year old control panel needs to go! The pilot light in the bottom left corner has a legend plate labeled “Coffee Ready,” I wish I knew the story behind that one.


#7 The 80’s Flashback

1985 called and wants it's logic back

Because 1985 called and wants it’s logic back!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this photo contest! You all had some pretty funny photos to share.  If you didn’t get a chance to participate in this contest, don’t worry. We will be kicking off another contest or give-away soon. Of course, the best way to keep up with our giveaways and contests is to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter because we love running contests on our social media accounts (Hint, Hint)!


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