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How To Install an Encoder on a Marathon Motor

The following How-to video covers the proper installation for the Dynapar HS35 heavy-duty hollow shaft encoder on a Marathon motor in six easy steps. Before you get started make sure to inspect all the parts and locate all the tools required for this installation. Luckily, AutomationDirect.com has created these Marathon Replacement Encoder Kits to come with all the parts you need so you don’t have to buy anything else! Learn how to install an encoder in few easy steps!

Installing an Encoder

The first step in the HS35 encoder installation is to clean the mating shaft of any burrs it may have and to make sure the mating shaft meets the proper tolerances. Next, align the tether to its proper position and install it on the encoder body with the three screws included. After the tether is secured, install the tether hardware consisting of flat nylon washers, flanged nylon washers, and steel washers. Once that is compete, carefully slide the encoder on the shaft and secure the aligned tether to the mounting face. It’s important at this step to ensure there is no flexing or stress on the tether arm. Then, tighten the encoder clamp onto the mounting shaft, again making sure there is no stress on the tether. Finally, install the basket guard with the shorter opening over the tether and the larger opening over the connector/cable. For more detailed steps on how to install the HS35 encoder please refer to this Dynapar HS35Encoder Installation Manual.

For more information on the HS35 heavy-duty hallow shaft encoder replacement kit visit: www.AutomationDirect.com/marathon-motors

How to Install an Encoder

Note: The Marathon Replacement Encoder Kits featuring Dynapar encoders are available for the Black Max and Blue Max motors. Marathon Replacement Encoder Kits are not available for the MAX Plus Motors.