AutomationNotebook Issue 4
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Another National Manufacturing week has come and gone. We had a great time talking to everyone that stopped by our booth and want to
thank all of you that visited us. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up our catalog on CD or a product brochure, you can go to our Web site to make a request and we’ll send it right out.

-Keri Schieber
Managing Editor

In this issue of the Automation Notebook…

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Brainteaser Answers – Issue 4, 2005

In each issue of the Automation Notebook we feature a section of brainteasers. These are the brainteaser answers from  Issue 4, 2005 of the Automation Notebook. The brainteaser questions are repeated in black. The answers to the brainteaser questions are highlighted in red with explanations. You can view the brainteasers from Issue 4, 2005 without the answers here:…
Automation NotebookIssue 4 – 2005Learning ResourcesNotebook IssueThe Break Room

Brainteasers - Issue 4, 2005

1. “Rebates on PLCs” A company that sells overpriced PLCs and needlessly expensive AC Drives decides to offer their customers a rebate. They offer $250 to each PLC customer, and $400 to each customer who bought an AC Drive. Unfortunately, the company has lost track of the number of customers who have purchased each product,…
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VFDs Frequently Asked Questions

AutomationDirect’s technical support team has compiled a list of customer frequently asked questions for many of our products. The complete listing can be found on the technical support page of our Web site. Here are some of the frequently asked questions for variable frequency drives (VFD). FAQS Q: What is sensorless vector control?A: Sensorless vector control…
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A User's Guide to Configuring Serial Ports for DirectLOGIC PLCs: Part Two

In the previous issue of Automation Notebook, Winter 2005 Issue 3, we discussed the communications capabilities of Port 2 on the DL06, DL250-1 and DL260 DirectLOGIC CPUs. We covered networking, wiring diagrams and protocols. In this issue we will discuss how to configure the communication port using DirectSOFT programming software while connected to the CPU….
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Holographic Technology Replaces Conventional Operator Input Devices

In April 2002, HoloTouch®, Inc., a Delaware corporation with offices in Darien, Connecticut, announced that its founder and President, R. Douglas McPheters, had been granted a U.S. Patent for his “holographic control arrangements.” This innovative technology allows operators to actuate and control a wide variety of electronic devices by simply passing fingers through colorful, three-dimensional…
Automation NotebookIssue 4 – 2005Learning ResourcesNotebook IssuePLC SpeakingProductProgrammable Control

PLCs Evolving Toward Motion Control

In our fast paced and economically stressed industrial world, flexibility is becoming a higher priority for those who are specifying automation systems. Users need multi-functional control, simple connectivity and easy access to process data, all wrapped up in a nice neat package. Today’s Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have to be much more than the relay logic…
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Business Notes – Issue 4, 2005

AutomationDirect Assists Team Buffalo In 2005 DARPA Challenge Team Buffalo, a small group of highly talented individuals skilled in bringing abstract technical visions from conception to reality, has committed to participating in a Defense Department research and development initiative aimed at advancing robotics technologies for future military use. The initiative, known as the DARPA Grand…
Automation NotebookIssue 4 – 2005Learning ResourcesNotebook Issue

Product Snapshots – Issue 4, 2005

We have added several exciting products since our last edition of the Automation Notebook. Here are some highlights about some of those new products including: Non-fused disconnects, 22 mm and 30 mm pilot devices, 115 VAC GS2 drives, ECT promis•e draw packages Version 5.06, Signal conditioners.   Non-Fused Disconnects AutomationDirect has introduced a line of non-fused…
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Motion Control System Choices

Motion control is generally understood to mean the use of servo and/or stepper systems as the “muscle” to move a given load.  These motion control systems are capable of extremely precise speed, position, and torque control. Applications which require positioning of product, synchronization of separate elements, or rapid start/stop motion are all perfect candidates for…
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Improving Business Tools for Greater Customer Service

In today’s competitive market, companies are always looking for ways to set themselves apart. The companies that truly succeed at this are those who continually deliver exceptional service and support while providing competitive prices. At AutomationDirect, we strive at being the best in all of these areas To continue providing world class service and support…
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Molded Case Circuit Breakers For Electrical Protection

AutomationDirect now carries a line of Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) that offers UL489 listed performance for branch circuit overcurrent protection and disconnecting means. The circuit breakers’ small size saves panel space, compared to standard breakers or comparable fusible devices. The breakers are manufactured under license from Eaton Electrical, Inc., the manufacturer of Cutler-Hammer products….
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AC Drives Focused on Energy Conservation

Today, energy conservation and cost-cutting solutions have become a major focus in the manufacturing sector. Energy costs continue to increase and the extreme growth in China is contributing to rising costs in other areas of goods, including steel and coal. Managers of manufacturing facilities are faced with many questions regarding energy conservation and efficiency. They…