The new C-more HMI configuration software version 6.0, from AutomationDirect, delivers more functionality, more usability and more value to our popular C-more HMIs. The new software offers more alarm and recipe features, additional math and tag logic, plus improved Windows compatibility. New menu options, customizable toolbars, and updated graphics provide improved ease of use.

C-More new configuration softwareThe easy-to-use Event Manager allows actions to be taken on a screen change, a set date or time, a single tag status or value, and now on a combination of tag status or values.These new tag combinations allow for simple logic with multiple events. Users can combine up to four different tags to trigger actions based on logical results, going beyond simple alarm and
message functions.

New math functions add more computing power to the project. Create custom formulas with constants or tag values or use the math keypad which provides access to simple and complex operations including log, sine, and square root. Results are placed into a User Defined Tag.

Improved object frame styles and increased formatting options include added color gradient support for most objects to allow for enhanced visibility. Many objects also have added format templates to allow users to quickly choose a color theme; templates can be edited and saved.

An enhanced alarm list offers more options for alarm customization and new alarm filters allow for dedicated alarm summaries. The alarm list object allows operator interaction with alarms that have occurred and allows operators to view, confirm or clear the alarms.

The Alarm List object also allows for custom alarm list, alarm history and alarm count views. Alarm status can be color coded to help operators quickly interpret the status for each alarm; active and confirmation icons also help operators interpret alarm status; alarms can include specific messages with embedded PLC tag data, as well as date and time information.

Among added database tools, Message Preview for the Message database simulates the message as it will appear on the panel. Also, a powerful database filter tool helps users find, edit and sort all four databases:

  • Tagname Database
  • Message Database
  • Event Manager Database
  • Address Book

Among the added accessibility features, a new Object Layer List window shows all the objects on the active screen and allows the user to lock/unlock, hide/unhide objects or quickly select them for editing. It also allows access to individual objects in a group without ungrouping and contains additional lists for hidden, locked or overlapping objects.

Recipe databases containing 99 recipe sheets, each with 1000 recipes of 256 possible tags or values, can now be modified and saved on-the-fly while the machine is running. Runtime options include adding, deleting or loading recipes to the PLC. And with the Call Recipe object, programmers can determine what recipe editing abilities they want the operator to have when creating recipe objects.

A free demo version of the C-more HMI configuration software is available for download. The demo software has all the features of the purchased version, except that you CANNOT save your project to disk or download it to a panel. The demo software even comes with a demo version of Symbol Factory.

The fully-functional software is priced at $99.00; current C-more EA9 users qualify for a free upgrade. This newest version is compatible with all previous C-more projects (but does not support EA7 series panels). The C-more Remote HMI App, remote access and control on the go, is available for only $4.99 in the Apple® or Android™ app stores. For more information, visit:


Originally Posted: May 21, 2015