Newsletter: Volume 19 – Issue 9

In this issue we’re highlighting a video, which details the comparison of an Arduino and an AutomationDirect BRX PLC in a flow meter application. Technical marketing engineer, Chip McDaniel, also wrote an informative article why pneumatics is used to power linear motion, along with some of the basic pneumatic hardware required for these types of applications. Don’t miss the helpful article on circuit protection. It features a chart that we think you’ll find very useful.

AC Motor ON/OFF Controls

Most control systems have to make things move, and that usually involves motors. Lifting, pumping, robotics, conveyors, fans – pretty much everything uses a motor of some kind. General purpose one- or three-phase AC motors are great for simple on/off systems; Inverter-duty motors are specifically designed for operation with variable frequency drives, or VFDs. Read more

Customer Support Team Handles Staggering Number of Orders

Think your teenager receives and responds to a lot of messages and notifications on their cell phone? If so, they could be a good candidate for the AutomationDirect customer support team. That team processes a tremendous number of orders every day, by phone, email and fax – all with efficiency and accuracy. Read more about our awesomer customer support team

Arduino versus BRX PLC

In the August 2017 issue of Control Design, the cover story discussed how micro-controllers coming out of the “maker” world hope to someday challenge PLCs in industrial applications. The article makes for very interesting reading, but if a picture is worth 1000 words, a video must be worth 1000 pictures. Check out the video showing the demonstration in more detail

Now Available

BRX Analog I/O Expansion Modules
starting at $187.00
NITRA Pneumatic Rotary Actuators & Grippers
Grippers starting at $67.00
EtherNet/IP Protocol added to Protos X field I/O
Bus Couplers starting at $244.00
3-Color and 12-Color Sensors
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IDEM Viper Safety Relays
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SapiSelco Cable/Wire Ties and Installation Tools
Cable Ties starting at $1.00

The Simplicity of Pneumatics

Just like electricity, natural gas and water, compressed air is often a required utility in manufacturing facilities. Although compressed air is a bit more expensive compared to electricity for industrial machinery applications, it has other advantages and is thus frequently used to drive mechanical motion. Read more

What Type of Circuit Protection Do I Need?

Circuit Protection is a big topic. With so many types of products available, coupled with the fact that I think I am getting old, I have found that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep it all straight. Luckily there is help. Read more on circuit protection

Video of the Month – Introducing the Protos X field I/O with EtherNet/IP

The Protos X expansion field I/O system allows you to easily add low-cost I/O points to your programmable logic controller (PLC) or PC-based control system without investing in additional controllers and now with EtherNet/IP communication, the Protos X system is more capable than ever. Watch the video


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