What Type of Circuit Protection Do I Need?

Circuit Protection is a big topic. With so many types of products available, coupled with the fact that I think I am getting old, I have found that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep it all straight. If you share in this frustration, no worries because conveniently located below is a chart that I think might just help you out. Also, below you can find several of the circuit protection products that AutomationDirect offers along with where to use them, and as luck would have it, there are also links to take you to where to buy that item. All you need in one place, now isn’t that smart! Old age might have a negative effect on my memory, but it sure has made me wiser. Hope this helps you guys out!

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What Type of Protection Do You Need?

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Surge Protection for Feeder and Branch Circuits (optional)

Short Circuit and Ground Fault Protection for Feeder and Branch Circuits

Motor Disconnecting Means (NEC 430.101 - 430.113)


Motor Branch-Circuit Short Circuit Protection (NEC 430.51-430.58)

Motor Controller (NEC 430.81-430.91)

Motor Overload Protection (NEC 430.21 - 430.44)


OSHA Lockout/Tagout Disconnect (NEC 430.81-430.91)

Anywhere Branch Circuit, Overcurrent Protection is Already Provided or Not Needed