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Newsletter Volume 20, Issue 11

Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 11

Panel Builder Checklist

There are many things to consider when building an automation control system. Some control systems are extremely simple, like a pump control system that consists of a pump, level controller, and a contactor, or they can be complicated and control a full production line with a series of sub control systems.

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Data-Driven Trends

Data collection is common at most manufacturing facilities, along with at least some level of analysis. Ask any automation professional and most will say it’s very important or at least somewhat important. Data has always been important to the success of plants and facilities—so it has been collected, stored and examined for decades.

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Now Available

MOSAIC Modular Safety Controller

 Master module starting at $299.00

SureStep Encoders & Motors

 NEMA 14 motors start at $22.00

What Makes the Difference?

In 2008, Joe Summers founded System Concepts PLUS (SC+), an engineering specialty provider for the industrial process control area. The company was founded on the concept of providing more service at an affordable price by understanding customers’ specific control and automation problems and working to provide the best automation solution. The SC+ motto is: “To provide a quality SYSTEM based on sound engineering CONCEPTS. The PLUS is what makes us different.”

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Vote For The P1000

AutomationDirect’s Productivity1000 PLC was announced as a Plant Engineering 2018 Product of the Year finalist in the Machine & Control category. Check out the new Productivity1000 PLC here, and please vote considering its capabilities. Voting closes January 4, 2019, with winners announced online on April 9, 2019 and featured in the May 2019 issue of Plant Engineering.

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Avoid Wiring Errors

In a Control Design September 2018 Automation Basics column titled “Terminate the Rat’s Nest”, author Dave Perkon gets right to the point when he writes, “For those who think it’s okay to open a control enclosure and see a monochromatic rat’s nest of wires without any wire labels, you should be aware, that’s worst-case practice.”

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Best PLC Selector Tool

This PLC Selection tool from AutomationDirect, will help in buying the Best PLC for your control system application. You will be asked to fill in the criteria, for your personalized control application and then the selector will point you to the most affordable PLC that meets your PLC needs. Then it will provide links to help you research the PLC and also build your Basic PLC virtually, with a PLC system builder Tool.

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