Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 6

Specifying Performance Instead of Parts

Specifying performance instead of parts when purchasing machines and process skids cuts costs, reduces lead time and guarantees reliable operation.  Many plants and facilities rely on pre-packaged machines and process skids purchased from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers. They want the components installed in this equipment to match what they currently use to the greatest extent possible to minimize spare parts stocking and improve their familiarity with the equipment.
However, putting too much effort into specifying skids to a very detailed level comes at a cost.

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A Look at the Importance of Industrial Safety Devices

There are safety related features in practically every device we use, industrial and non-industrial. Electrical devices and appliances have housings that protect consumers from electrical hazards. Motorized devices have housings intended to prevent any possible injury to users from dangerous moving parts and/or electrical components. Industrial facilities have many safety features including safety signs that warn workers of possible hazards, and all equipment and machinery have pushbuttons, switches, shields and other devices intended to prevent any possible injury to workers and operators.

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Now Available

NSF Certified Potable Water Solenoid Valves

 Starting at $80.00

Open Drip Proof and 4-in-1 Marathon Motors

 Open Drip Proof starting at $114.00

More Capabilities for the Productivity1000 PLC

 CPUs starting at $173.00

Additional BRX Analog and Temperature I/O Expansion Modules

 Analog I/O Modules starting at $134.00

Capacitive Proximity Sensors with Potentiometer Adjustment

 Starting at $61.00

Slim Interface Electro-Mechanical Relays

 Starting at $6.25​​

Regulations Require Surge Protection for Safety Circuits

Safety considerations are crucial for industrial machinery design, and in recent years the bar has been raised many times to provide improved protection for workers. For example, emergency stop (e-stop) and safety interlock circuits have long been part of the applicable codes. Now, new codes recognize that safety interlock circuits also need surge protection.

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White Paper – Safety Components on Guard

Many safety standards and specifications come into play for protecting personnel around automated equipment. Machine safety requires comprehension of and adherence to all local, national and/or international safety codes to provide the proper safeguards. While that’s beyond the scope of this white paper, a brief introduction of safety standards for guarding is worth consideration.

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eBook – Practical Guide to Pneumatics & Slide Chart Offer

Our Practical Guide to Pneumatics Handbook is for users who wish to advance their pneumatic knowledge. It covers a wide range of topics such as circuit symbols, component capability, integrating pneumatics with controls as well as improving pneumatic efficiency.
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This slide chart makes it easy to select the right fitting from our wide selection of threaded Pneumatic fittings. Simply point the arrow at the fitting type and tube size – and read the part number from the thread size window. English thread sizes are shown on the inside, metric types are on the back.

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Introducing Mosaic Safety Controller Systems

Quick overview of the Mosaic Modular Safety Controller from Learn why so many folks are switching from discrete safety relays to expandable relay safety controllers when their system requires two or more safety devices. (Hint, It reduces time spent on wiring, reduces footprint required inside the enclosure, reduces hardware costs, simplifies maintenance, simplifies documentation and even generates the supporting data for your safety validation report with just a single click of the mouse button.) Making this your complete machine safety solution.

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