Newsletter Volume 22, Issue 3

Important Supply Update – Coronavirus Outbreak 

AutomationDirect is paying close attention to the fast-changing news regarding the Coronavirus.
We are in close contact with all our suppliers to anticipate any potential effects on our supply
chain as quickly as possible. We are also monitoring states’ mandates on any shipment/delivery restrictions we need to comply with. We are maintaining a COVID-19 Related Supply Chain Update document on our Web site, which you can access from this link.  As of this writing, we have our normally high levels of inventory in stock, with the possibility of spot shortages on specific products. Check the Update for the most current details.

Customer Site Visit to SIBE Automation

SIBE Automation, a longtime AutomationDirect customer, builds plastic forming machines utilizing many components including NITRA pneumatics, C-more touch panels and numerous PLCs. We traveled to Ocala, FL to see firsthand how SIBE is using our products and learn what keeps them returning to do business with us.

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Now Available

Motor Control Relays and Intrinsically Safe Relays

 Alternating relays starting at $24.00

Expanded Communications and Analog I/O Capabilities for the BRX PLC

 Pluggable Option Modules starting at $27.00

AC Line Reactors and Output Filters for Variable Frequency (VFD) Drives

 Line Reactors starting from $48.00

Surveying the Industrial Sensor Landscape

With so many industrial sensing technologies available, a general understanding of benefits and costs helps designers select the best types for their applications.
Whether it’s coffee shop menus or industrial sensing, more choices are usually better, unless and until there are an overwhelming number of options. Coffee is a matter of taste, but for industrial sensors there are specific technologies and performances levels to evaluate before making a decision.

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Water Utility Improves Operations with Standardized Automation

Industrial automation may control small standalone machines, larger processes, or some combination of the two. Regardless of scale, it always makes sense to streamline design efforts, simplify support, and reduce costs by following good standardization practices. Read how a water utility standardized around AutomationDirect products to improve operations while saving time and money.

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Automating Nehemiah Manufacturing

When Nehemiah Manufacturing outgrew their original facilities, a move provided the opportunity to take a fresh look at improving their industrial automation systems.
Using AutomationDirect hardware and software, this company self-performed automation work to meet their needs and ready their team for the future.

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Keep Things Simple to Create Great Automation HMI Designs for Your Applications

Today’s consumers are familiar with—and often have opinions about—all sorts of the HMIs they interact with on their smartphones, cars, and more. Industrial factory equipment and systems have featured HMIs for many years, but they are typically less elegant than consumer devices, and really aren’t standardized. This article provides some tips for planning and implementing an effective automation HMI.

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