Newsletter Volume 23, Issue 1

Measure More Using Cloud Connectivity“…
Tapping into data marooned on remotely-installed automation systems is made practical with new cloud-capable wireless devices.Industrial sites commonly operate a significant number of systems and equipment as isolated ‘islands of automation’. Remote locations, legacy hardware, and incompatible automation platforms have often made it expensive or unfeasible to tap into the valuable data available from these systems.
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GS20 and GS20X DrivesOverview
The GS20 was introduced to not only replace the GS2 series VFD but to also fill the gap between the lower cost GS1 VFD and the GS3 that is on the higher end of features for a general-purpose VFD.  The GS20 builds on what the popular GS2 featured and adds to it. The GS20 supports volts/Hz control (scalar) as well as sensorless vector control (SVC) and adds field oriented control (FOC).
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Now Available

More Attabox Enclosures and Accessories 
Heartland series enclosures starting at $49.00

Expanded BRX Communications and Discrete I/O Capabilities
New relay output modules starting at $55.00

Contrinex DW Series Proximity Sensors
Starting at $15.50

Quabbin Multiconductor Cable with Twisted Triads
1-foot increments starting at $0.25 / ft. (20-ft. min)

Prosense Basic Series Proximity Sensors
Starting at $9.75

WEG Electric Motor Controls
Motor contactorsstarting at $25.75

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Control System?
Are your machine or robot control systems good enough, or should you make a change? The machines and robots you build work well. You’ve kept up with periodic improvements. Most of your support calls are predictable. Why rock the boat?
As a machine or robot builder OEM, you understand the favorable economics of selling machines or robots for which your company has recovered its initial investment, particularly in the control system. Your margins are good, but arethey as good as they could be with a control system upgrade?
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Pneumatic Actuator vs. Electromechanical
In materials handling and assembly there are many ways to move an item from one location to another. Conveyors are one way and are widely used, but they can only move objects in a fixed path, limiting their use in more precise manufacturing applications. When more accuracy is required than a conveyor can deliver, such as when the part orientation or alignment needs to be changed, a pick-and-place system is often used. The most common pick-and-place systems employ either pneumatics or electromechanics, with hybrid electro-pneumatic systems also an option in some applications.
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Supplier Profile: Murrplastik- Global Manufacturing Leader
Reduce poverty, generate growth, and create decent living conditions through education and intellectual development: those are the key goals that Germany-based manufacturer Murrplastik aims to achieve through its Educate One World e.V. organization in Sri Lanka. The group seeks to allow young people to develop their skills and confidence through education.
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How to Video Series: Temperature Sensing
Need to measure temperature but don’t know where to start? Check out our Automation Video Cookbook chapter on Temperature Sensing for some helpful info and guidance into detecting one of the most measured parameters in automation. 
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