Newsletter Volume 23, Issue 3

What is Safe Torque Off (STO)?“…
Let’s say you have a system with some Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and you want to integrate those VFDs into your emergency stop circuit to ensure the VFDs will place the motors into a safe state upon an emergency stop condition. How do you do this? There were many ways this was done before advanced safety features were available and while some methods worked, some were unreliable. 
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The new CLICK PLUS PLC series is the next generation of simple control. Building on the practical and popular CLICK PLC series, CLICK PLUS PLCs provide the same low-learning-curve control but with advanced options like Wi-Fi communication and data logging.  CLICK PLUS CPUs are offered in wired-only, wireless-only, and wireless/wired styles and start at only $89.
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Now Available

Machine Tool Wire Now Available in 1,000-foot Reels
MTW wire starts at $18.00

More Specialty SapiSelco Cable Ties
CLICK Tie releasable cable ties start at $2.50

Metrol High Temperature & High Vacuum Resistance Precision Limit Switches
Starting at $181.00

ReeR Safegate Non-Muting Access Control Lights Curtains
Starting at $677.00

SureStep Stepper Motor Linear Actuators
Starting at $96.00

8mm Photoelectric, Inductive Proximity and Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Starting at $65.00

PLCs and HMIs On Board Luxury Yachts
A seagoing story about how a premier yacht builder has progressively incorporated reliable AutomationDirect devices for monitoring and controlling ship systems. Westport Yachts, based in Washington State, constructs luxury 112- to 172-foot-long models and has launched hundreds of seagoing vessels since 1964. 
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ProductivityOpen Speeds OEM Feature Development
Guntner is a worldwide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of evaporative condensers, serving a wide range of industries and users with their reliable large-scale heat exchangers. The company has developed in-house embedded microcontrollers specifically optimized for their equipment.
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