Product Pointers

Product Pointers August 2023

Featured Products

ViewMarq LED message displays
with easily configured messages and FREE configuration software
starting at $721

DURApulse GS10 series AC micro drives
include all of the features of the GS1, as well as many of the features offered on higher performance drives such as sensorless vector and PID
starting at $119

PS-AMC motion controller
is a great choice for coordinated motion that’s easy to use and reliable; use with select Productivity CPUs for synchronized, closed-loop motion control on up to four axes
starting at $331

Murrplastik cable entry systems
allow installation of non-terminated or pre-made/terminated cables through an enclosure or other bulkhead surface
Frames starting at $22

SureFrame T-slotted rails
are made from extruded aluminum and are available in the most popular profiles and dimensions; compatible with many other brands and cut to your specified lengths (in increments of 0.001 inches)
starting at $0.21/inch

IronHorse GSD8 DC drives
are microprocessor-based and used as speed controllers, time-based process controllers or follower drives in a master-follower application
starting at $438

Peninsular hydraulic cylinders
are double-acting cylinders that are interchangeable with all NFPA hydraulic cylinders, offered with bore sizes from 1-1/2 to 4 inches, and stroke lengths up to 24 inches
starting at $428

Captron Caneo series capacitive pushbuttons
cover a wide range of requirements, from industrial automation and robotics to building technology
starting at $59

Pneumatic Automation Link (PAL)
is an electro-pneumatic system that can contain electrical I/O as well as a solenoid valve bank
Solenoid valves start at $33.50

Quabbin communication cable
provides even more options for reliable Ethernet and Profinet communication including continuous flex, Cat6/6a, outdoor use, and more
starting at $0.30/ft

Code barcode scanners
allow a 1-dimensional barcode, 2-dimensional QR code, or other marking to be read, decoded, and converted to a usable format
starting at $144

LS Electric L7P servo systems
are an intermediate-level servo system that has all the features of our basic L7C series servos, but with a larger range of system sizes and the option for 460 VAC operation
Motors start at $273

ProSense float level switches
in top- and side-mount versions with various material constructions for compatibility with a variety of liquid types, temperature ranges, and system pressures
starting at $13

SSP safety enabling switches
also known as “hold-to-run” or “dead man’s” switches provide the operator with a special control mode for tasks such as maintenance or debugging of hazardous equipment
starting at $219

WERMA visual/audible signal devices
with light and sound variations and many mounting formats
starting at $17

Hole cutting tools
include drill bits, hole saws, machine taps
starting at $4.25

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