Product Pointers

Product Pointers – July 2020

Featured Products


Productivity1000 series PLCs

are the super-compact version of the Productivity PLC family with features you love including tag name programming and built-in data logging

C-more Micro touch panels 
give you lots of options for a little price, with free programming software


Leadshine stepper drives
are 2-phase digital stepper drives offering a basic feature set at an unbeatable price


Pneumatic pushbutton valves and operators
are used to create manual valve assemblies, or hybrid electro-pneumatic actuators

CPUs starting at $180   starting at $101   starting at $25.50   starting at $2.75

IronHorse cast-iron helical bevel gearboxes
combine the helical gearset with a bevel gearset to create an output that is perpendicular to the input


AcuAMP solid core current transformers

are an easy-to-install, compact and cost-effective means of measuring AC current

AcuAMP voltage transducers
deliver high performance voltage detection in AC and DC circuits


VFS series vortex flow sensors
offer a very cost-effective solution optimized for monitoring water and deionized water flow in industrial applications

starting at $1,070   starting at $16.50   starting at $142   starting at $199

Cut-to-length cable
offered with VFD, instrumentation, sensor, motor supply, control, power cables and more in one-foot increments from 10 or 20ft. to 5000ft. 


Limit alarm modules
are easy-to-use, field configurable, analog-to-relay modules for system safeguarding


Multifunction power meters
are highly accurate and measure all the standard power parameters plus metering and harmonics


WERMA visual/audible signal devices
with light and sound variations, many mounting formats

starting at $0.20/ft.   starting at $96   starting at $220   starting at $16

Sensor junction blocks
are 4 to 8-port units useful for sensor terminations


Wenglor color sensors
reliably detect colored objects in automated high-speed processes 


IDEM Viper series safety relays
are positively driven and assure a reliable opening and closing for safety applications


Wera Zyklop metal ratchets
feature a fine 72-tooth ratchet mechanism with a 5 degree return angle for fast and precise work in small spaces

starting at $48.50   starting at $311   starting at $130   starting at $42

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