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Product Pointers March 2024

Featured Products

LS Electric XGB PLCs
are advanced controllers geared for motion applications with many high-level features, such as IEC programming, that can be beneficial in any automated system
XGB CPU starting at $299

C-more Micro touch panels
give you lots of options for a little price, with free programming software
starting at $146

Pneumatic Automation Link (PAL)
is an electro-pneumatic system that can contain electrical I/O as well as a solenoid valve bank
Solenoid valves start at $33.50

DEHN surge protection devices
are modular, DIN-rail mounted, and offer protection for all common electrical power system configurations, field or intrinsically safe devices, and telecommunication or data networks
starting at $35.50

Fuji AR22 series 22mm pilot devices
are rugged, economical, and include a wide assortment of operator and indicator styles
starting at $10

Encapsulated core buck-boost transformers
are used to power loads with specific voltage requirements that differ slightly from the available line voltage
starting at $125

Metrol precision limit switches
have repeatability down to 10, 5, 3, and even 0.5 microns; many different actuator types are available
starting at $46

LUTZE control and IO-Link cable options
LUTZE SUPERFLEX® control cable is well suited for short- to medium-length articulated drag chain;  Exposed run rated (TC-ER) LUTZE IO-Link cable is ideal for connecting IO-Link devices to a master and is useful for conventional applications
starting at $0.91/ft

Electric foot switches
in single and double foot operated styles
starting at $44.50

CCEA industrial LED lighting
uses 24VDC to provide bright lighting for work areas in commercial and industrial environments, with easy installation, compact space mounting options, and a long service life 
starting at $109

Integra polycarbonate enclosures
are engineered for durability and impact resistance
starting at $46

SSP safety enabling switches
also known as “hold-to-run” or “dead man’s” switches provide the operator with a special control mode for tasks such as maintenance or debugging of hazardous equipment
starting at $219

STRIDE Pocket Portal IIoT bridge
easily connects analog inputs, discrete I/O, and/or Modbus RTU-capable devices to the cloud for remote data monitoring and control
priced at $107

Wenglor TPL vision lighting
provides the proper amount of contrast, brightness, and uniformity to an imaging surface so a good image of the code or object can be achieved
starting at $381

SIM drive couplings
combine shafts of various mechanical devices, often of different sizes, while compensating for shaft misalignment; offered in jaw/spider, Oldham, servo beam, and high-gain styles
starting at $10.50

Hole cutting tools
include drill bits, hole saws, machine taps
starting at $4.25

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