Product Pointers – May 2019

Featured Products


Productivity2000 series PLCs
are packed with features you’d pay thousands for elsewhere including built-in data logging and tag name programming

C-more touch panels
provide complete system visibility and utmost
cost savings for your interface needs

StrideLinx Cloud Notify license
keeps you informed through emails and push notifications of critical data from your remote machines/systems

NITRA special-purpose, push-to-connect, inline fittings
can be added to your pneumatic circuit, at any location, NO TOOLS REQUIRED
CPU priced at $258   starting at $472   priced at $210   starting at $8.50

ProSense XTP temperature transmitters
combine a precision RTD sensing element with transmitter electronics in a stainless steel probe

Graphical panel meters
accurately measure and display voltage, current or frequency with analog meter-style visual readings

Molded case circuit breakers
are UL 489 rated for feeder and branch circuit overcurrent protection

Fork sensors
feature a rugged, metal, one-piece housing that’s always in alignment
starting at $122   starting at $65   starting at $190   starting at $190

IDEM Viper series safety relays
are positively driven and assure a reliable opening and closing for safety applications

Contrast print mark sensors
provide detection of wavelength differences between reflected light from target mark and background

Eaton UL1077 supplementary protectors
for overcurrent protection, up to 63A

Pressure sensors
sense from vacuum to 7500 psi
starting at $126   starting at $69   starting at $9.75   starting at $70

Flexible, liquid-tight electrical conduit
protects wires from abrasion, UV light, acids, and more

Field wireable connectors
include M8 and M12 IDC connectors and T-couplers

Wera Zyklop metal ratchets
feature a fine 72-tooth ratchet mechanism with a 5 degree return angle for fast and precise work in small spaces

ZipLink wiring solutions
reduce PLC I/O wiring time and wiring errors
starting at $34.50 (25-ft. roll)   starting at $7.25   starting at $40   Modules starting at $20.50

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