Product Pointers – May 2020

Featured Products


CLICK low-cost controllers

now offer easy, streamlined PID control (up to 8 process loops executing every 100ms) and an extremely user-friendly PID interface

NITRA Total Air Prep units (TAP)
are all-in-one air preparation units that are half the size and cost of conventional air preparation systems


AttaBox polyvinyl chloride (PVC) enclosures
are extremely rugged and light enclosures, well-suited for harsh, wet and corrosive environments


StrideLinx remote access
now allows 3rd party mobile apps like the C-more HMI app to utilize the StrideLinx secure VPN tunnel when connecting to remote machines

Ethernet Analog PLC units starting at $187   starting at $181   starting at $13   VPN routers 
starting at $369

Ironhorse helical gearboxes
are cast iron, inline gearboxes designed to provide quiet startup and smooth operation


ProSense vibration fork level switches

use tuning fork technology for reliable liquid level detection in monitoring and control applications

ProSense FTS series thermal flow sensors
offer a very cost-effective solution for monitoring flow of water, glycol solutions, or air


UL 1008 manual transfer switches
provide safe manually operated transfer and disconnection of power sources even with on-load or under-load conditions

starting at $410   starting at $137   starting at $235   starting at $295

SOLO Basic temperature controllers
provide economical single loop control for heating and cooling processes


Graphical panel meters
accurately measure and display voltage, current or frequency with analog meter-style visual readings


Field wireable connectors
include M8 and M12 IDC connectors and T-couplers


Hammond 3-phase distribution transformers
feature an advanced core and coil construction that provides higher efficiency to meet the latest DOE and NRCan standards; rated up to 75kVA 

starting at $39   starting at $68   starting at $7.50   starting at $1,065

Wide area sensors
use multi-beam arrays of photoeyes  to detect object presence within wide areas 


IDEM safety limit switches
provide positively operated switching contacts to verify the position of machine elements or other moving parts for safety related purposes


WERMA visual/audible signal devices
with light and sound variations, many mounting formats


Foot switches
in single and double foot operated styles

Sender/receiver pairs
starting at $211
  starting at $21.50   starting at $16   starting at $42

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