Product Pointers

Product Pointers – November 2020

Featured Products

Productivity2000 series PLCs
are packed with features you’d pay thousands for elsewhere including built-in data logging and tag name programming
CPU priced at $273 w/ FREE software

C-more Headless HMI
has all the features of C-more Touch Panels w/o display size limitations; use with the FREE C-more mobile app or your choice of HDMI display device
Priced at $399 w/ FREE software

ProSense advanced process controllers
control temperature, pressure, level, flow, and other process variables using a variety of control, input, output, alarm and communications options
Starting at $325

Linear position potentiometers
use a sliding contact that moves along a linear resistive element to reliably detect position and linear movement
Starting at $146

NITRA special-purpose, push-to-connect, inline fittings
are a cinch to install and can be plumbed permanently or used for low-cost troubleshooting/testing
Starting at $8.75

Koyo rotary encoders
in light, medium and heavy-duty versions with resolutions up to 5000 ppr
Starting at $90

Fork sensors
feature a rugged, metal, one-piece housing that’s always in alignment
Starting at $94

Sensor/switch cables
are pre-made electrical connection cables used to supply power to, and exchange signals with, sensors or switches for utmost wiring convenience
Starting at $5.75

Mosaic safety controllers
are modular, expandable and configurable for managing all safety functions of a single machine or an entire plan
Master module starting at $299

Safety light curtain mirrors and protective columns
allow a single pair of light curtains to protect several sides of a machine and help prevent curtains from being knocked out of alignment
Protective columns starting at $383

Current-limiting UL 489 miniature circuit breakers
provide fast short circuit interruption (within one half cycle of a fault) reducing damaging peak let-through current and energy
Starting at $14.50

Cut-to-length cable
offered with VFD, motor supply, thermocouple/RTD extension cable, instrumentation cables and more in one-foot increments from 10 or 20ft. to 5000ft.
Starting at $0.20/ft.

Panel interface connectors
available with single, duplex or GFCI power outlets plus communication ports
Starting at $52

Cable entry systems
allow for safe cable entry into enclosures, securing cables and providing strain relief while maintaining enclosure sealing requirements
Small grommets starting at $6

Iboco rigid and flexible wire duct
are available in a variety of sizes and styles sold in 2m lengths or convenience packs
Starting at $6.50

Sapiselco cable ties
are self-extinguishing nylon cable ties available in various lengths, widths, and colors
Starting at $1 (100 pcs)

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