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Product Pointers – September 2018

Save More On HMI, Pneumatic, Safety, and Tool Products

Featured Products

Productivity3000 high-performance controller
provides 50MB of user memory, seven communications ports with EtherNet/IP support and is fully expandable up to 59,840 I/O points
ProSense digital panel meters
display a wide variety of process inputs in 1/32 and 1/8 DIN sizes
NITRA EtherNet/IP CMV modules
allow control of compact modular valve manifolds via simple Ethernet connections
IronHorse MTR2 series AC motors
offer better performance specifications, improved cosmetic appearance and quieter operation
  CPUs starting at $419  starting at $67  starting at $549  starting at $83
WERMA stacklights
are pre-assembled or assemble yourself with easy-to-use components
AcuAMP voltage transducers
deliver high performance voltage detection in AC and DC circuits
AcuAMP split-core current transformers
are an easy-to-install, compact and cost-effective means of measuring AC current
igus continuous flexing control cables
are specifically designed, tested, and manufactured for continuous flexing, high mechanical load application requirements
  starting at $20.50   starting at $135  starting at $64.50  starting at $0.46/ft
Industrial monitors
for PCs in harsh environments
Cube and card relays
with over 200 models available, including electro-mechanical, solid state and timer relays
NSF certified potable water valves
provide bi-state flow control for drinking water and food/beverage applications
STEGO Filter Fan Plus cooling fans
provide economical cooling options for electrical/electronic enclosures
starting at $995  starting at $4.50  starting at $73  starting at $60
Electrical disconnect switches
are UL 98, UL 489, or UL 508 rated, fusible and non-fusible
Hole cutting tools
include drill bits, hole saws, machine taps
DINnector terminal blocks
are full-featured terminal blocks designed to meet the demands of an industrial environment
Sapiselco cable ties
are self-extinguishing nylon cable ties available in various lengths, widths, and colors
 starting at $18.50  starting at $3.75  starting at $0.38 (sold in multi-packs)  starting at $1 (100 pcs)

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