Productivity2000 – Beta Users Review

Our new Productivity®2000 programmable controller has been sold on our Web site officially for a week now and we are extremely encouraged about the future of this amazing controller. Sales for this controller have been outstanding! Additionally we have already started to see conversations online as individuals seek input from users who have already had experience with the Productivity2000 controller.

With this in mind I thought I would release some of the initial feedback that we received during our Beta testing. Below are remarks from PLC customers selected to Beta test the P2000. I hope that you will find this helpful as you consider ordering your P2000 Starter Kit today!

beta users

Positives Reported by P2000 Beta Users

Every Beta user was extremely complimentary of the size and feel of the controller. One user said he liked the size and the way the modules mount to the base. Others complimented the overall “footprint” of the entire system. Several users observed that the P2000 was very comparable to other controllers in the market, specifically the CompactLogix™ controller. Keep in mind that at the time our beta users were not aware that this controller is almost 1/7th of the price of the CompactLogix, making it comparable in functionality, but no comparison in value. Other positives mentioned were the Ethernet ports on the bottom of the controller. We also got very positive feedback from users that were impressed with the Tag Integration that can be used with C-more® or Point of View® software.

P2000 5 comm ports-Built-in Data Log

Concerns Reported by P2000 Beta Users

Several Beta users did mention that the terminals on the modules are a little small; some mentioned that they had issues with printing. Note that before release we added some additional printing formats; in addition, we are continuing to look into improving the printing feature. Also, while the terminals on the modules may be small, we have three options for wiring – screw terminal blocks, spring clamp blocks, and pre-wired Ziplink cables and connector modules for snap-on wiring.

Except for the comments where users simply exclaimed that they had a very positive experience with the controller and are very excited to use it in the future: That’s it for now!

More to come…

We have been in contact with some users who have already installed the P2000 and we are working to turn these into some great application stories. In the meantime we have a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision to give the P2000 a try. You can visit our web site for more in-depth information or check out the video below.

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