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Safety, Prevent Accidents with Proper Planning

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It can happen at the best workplaces and in the safest environments but it’s always chilling news when you come into work and hear that there has been a workplace injury. Whether you are in charge of safety, are a production manager, or are a plant manager, so many questions go through your mind at once. Who was injured and are they OK? How severe was the injury? Is everything in the plant as safe as it possibly could be? Are your audits performed properly and up to date? Is all machinery guarded the way it should be? Are your employees trained properly? All of these questions occur before you even consider how much time and productivity will be lost because of this injury and its aftermath.

The answers to these questions will come in the next few days after the incident but it still doesn’t calm your mind for the time being. Most accidents can be avoided by using the appropriate safety-related devices along with instituting proper system design, hazard guarding, employee training, and safety audits within your workplace. Even if an accident does occur, with proper preparation, the severity of the accident can be mitigated.

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