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What’s new with the Productivity Suite

Our software developers have been very busy adding new features and improvements to our Productivity Suite PLC programming software. Since its release many years ago, Productivity Suite has continually been improved with ongoing enhancements many of which were derived from customer requests. Thank you for your feedback and please keep us informed of any features you may need now or in the future. You can post a request on our forum anytime but in the meantime, here are some of the recent major improvements to our Productivity Suite software:

Productivity Suite V3.4

GS4 Integration – we have now incorporated the latest DURApulse GS4 drive properties into the Productivity Suite Hardware Configuration for easy set up and storage of drive parameters. Productivity Suite will auto-discover any GS drive that is connected to the Productivity2000 or Productivity3000’s Remote I/O port and the saved parameters can be written to the new drive with a project transfer.

Mail Accounts – pre-defined widgets for the most popular Mail Servers (Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Yahoo) have been added to be used with the updated Send Email instruction. You can have up to 4 total, different mail accounts and the Mail Server Certificate is saved within the PLC project.

Updated Send Email instruction – now allows standard SMTP or secure TLS emails with text and/or embedded data to Email recipient(s) via CPU Ethernet. Data log attachments can now be included with TLS emails as well.

Network Time Service and Time Sync instruction – allows the CPU’s internal real-time clock and calendar to sync with the date and time from a specified time server.

Previous enhancements you might have missed

EtherNet/IP EDS File Import – Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) file imports for EtherNet/IP device and network configurations.  These ASCII text files describe the features of an EtherNet/IP device and can easily be imported into the hardware configuration of your Productivity Suite project. Once imported, these EDS files are stored globally across software versions.

Productivity Network (ProNET) – adds the ability to share data (through publish and subscribe functions), over Ethernet, with other Productivity Series CPU’s quickly and easily.

Custom Protocol over Ethernet (CPoE) – allows the CPU to Send or Receive structured Hex-Based data to/from another device over Ethernet. This is particularly useful in situations where the Productivity series CPU must communicate with a device that has Hex-Based communications but does not support one of our standard protocols.

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