8 Things to Check Out on the New Library.AutomationDirect.com Website! – 

At AutomationDirect.com we strive to make sure that you have instant access to all the information you need to make the right choices on products for your projects. We have posted all of our manuals online, created an amazing

customer forum, and a super support site. We have also invested a lot of time and effort into making useful technical specs, photographs, and drawings available for our products.


Making information free flowing and available is something we knew was the right thing to do from day one. You, our customers have noticed. One loyal AutomationDirect.com customer wrote on a LinkedIn post, “…Application information and technical manuals are not Holy Writ that only vested acolytes are allowed to read and use. I grow to appreciate AutomationDirect’s attitude MORE each time I have to almost provide finger-prints or a DNA sample to obtain information from other automation providers. Keep up the excellent attitude and accurate perceptions of what is needed by your customers and system designers.”

This kind of feedback is fuel for the fire here, and so I want to take some time to introduce you to a new free resource. You can access it by simply visiting Library.AutomationDirect.com.

The following are eight things you should check out on the new Library.AutomationDirect.com Web site: [hozbreak]

1. Check out the homepage to see the most recent content.Figure-1-recently-added
When you visit the homepage of Library.AutomationDirect.com you will find a list of the most recent content added to the site.
Bookmark this page and make it the first stop, when you have time to catch up on industry news.
Then you will make sure you get the newest content possible!

[hozbreak]2. Check out our White Paper gallery to get some help.Figure-2-white-papers

Did you know that we have started writing in-depth white papers on some of the biggest topics in the industry? Currently you can find white papers on Specifying VFDs, Group Motor Protection, When to Use Multi-function Safety Relays and much more. We love gathering information to help you guys out, so check this section often because more white papers are on the way! Additionally, if you have a great idea for a white paper that will make applying industrial automation products easier, let us know by emailing: Editor@AutomationDirect.com. [hozbreak]

  1. Figure-3-application-storiesCheck out the Application Stories to get insights from “those who have been there and done that.”

The Library has a dedicated section to all of our Application Story content. You can even browse them by type of applications. You can also use the search box to quickly get to the content you need. [hozbreak]

  1. Interested in the future of our industry? Check out the Student Spotlight section.Figure-4-student-spotlight

In the Student Spotlight section you can read all the articles from our educational partners. From elementary school Lego Leagues, to high school robotics, and full blown college projects, we know that students are the key to our industry’s future success. We created this section to help you keep up with the future of our industry. [hozbreak]

5.Figure-5-system-integrators Check out the System Integrators section to learn about our SIDirect partners.

Need an integrator, or want to keep up with other integrators? This section was made for you. Quickly get access to all of the content featuring the system integrators in our SIDirect program.[hozbreak]

6. Check out our Supplier Profiles to see how we can offer high quality at amazing prices.Figure-6-supplier-profiles

We hear it every day from customers, “How can you offer such amazing quality at those prices?” The answer is simple. We work hard to partner with great suppliers that are fanatics about our control products, our industry, and more importantly, about providing our customers with the absolute best value. In our supplier profiles section you can read about just some of our quality suppliers. [hozbreak]

Figure-7-library-links7. Check it out – “One Ring to Rule them All”

It’s one content place to rule them all! Just like a traditional library, we are building a knowledge empire to be a go-to place for all of our new content, as well as the great AutomationDirect content you have already come to love. You can already find all of our press releases, Automation Notebook issues, and our most recent newsletters cataloged in one location on Library.AutomationDirect.com. [hozbreak]

8. Check us out on social media!

If you think of the Library site as being our content “Superhero”, then social media is our friendly sidekick. If you need content to get the job done then our Library Superhero is there for you. If you want to be the first to hear about our content and get it served up along with a little bit of comic relief, then please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google +.Figure-8-social-media [hozbreak]

I guess it could go without saying that we are very excited about this new Web site, but I am going to say it any way… “We are very excited about Library.AutomationDirect.com and we hope that you will find it to be a useful resource.”[hozbreak]

Additional Tools Available:

In addition to AutomationDirect.com and Library.automationdirect.com, we have several product-focused sites designed to help you determine the best fit for your applications. Our selector and configuration tools include:

Product Selectors:

[three_columns border=”border”]SureGear Online Selector Quickly and easily select a gearbox and servo system. The SureGear PGA and PGB series gearboxes are designed for easy mounting to our SureServo motors. Everything you need to mount your gearbox to the motor is included! http://n2adc.com/3k-6s [/three_columns] [three_columns border=”border”]AC Motor Online Selector Select motor characteristics such as operating voltage, rated speed, horsepower or frame size to search our AC motors. You can even specify options such as built-in encoders or C-face mounting. [/three_columns] [three_columns_last border=”border”]SureServo Online Selector    All the system pages linked from this page include a simple selector for spec’ing the servo cables and I/O wiring solution… http://n2adc.com/bi3jd[/three_columns_last][hozbreak]

PLC Configuration Tools:

[three_columns border=”border”]Configure a CLICK PLC http://n2adc.com/99k61 [/three_columns] [three_columns border=”border”]Configure a Productivity3000 PLC (you can even elect to have it assembled prior to shipment – some restrictions apply): http://n2adc.com/izyes [/three_columns] [three_columns_last border=”border”]Configure a DL06 PLC http://n2adc.com/ztstv [/three_columns_last][hozbreak]

By, Chad Crowe
Online Marketing Specialist